Office Slut Shauna


I have a new man in my life. Dating an older man is more of my style. He works with my step-daddy but he’s absolutely amazing. He really seems to know what I need and want from a man.
It all started when daddy asked me if I wanted a part time job at his office. From the moment daddy introduced us, I knew I had to get to know him better.
Every day I come to work wearing something extra cute. I would purposely bend over in my short skirts giving him a peak at my sexy panties. I would walk the halls shaking my ass in my come fuck me shoes. Daddy doesn’t approve of the way I dress at the office. He says I draw way to much attention to myself. I love making all the men drool over me making them so horny. Leaving them with no control.
Daddy should of known letting me roam around the office could be a dangerous thing. I’ve already landed a cozy spot in the VP’s bed. 


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