Sissy Ends Up In Military School

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A Mom came home from her job. Her co-workers made plans to celebrate the completion of a big project that night at the bar. There had been so many late nights, and Mom felt guilty about leaving her teenage son alone so much. Instead of going out to celebrate, she left an hour early because she wanted to cook him a special dinner and hang out with him. 

She drove home and entered the quiet house. She checked his bedroom and found it empty. Mom goes to her computer and looks up his location through an app on his phone. Shocked to learn that he must be home, but she must be doing something naughty because he is so quiet. Without making a sound, she searches the house, and the last door she opens is her bedroom. She finds her son! 

Mom discovers him wearing her expensive lingerie, sucking on the dildo from her nightstand. WTF? Her son is a Sissy! The Mom falls to her knees and breaks down and bursts into tears. The son stands there ashamed and begs for forgiveness. Mom spends the night researching solutions on how to turn him from a sissy to a real man. She wakes her son at dawn and gives him the news. 

The furious mother informs her son that her son needs discipline and needs to be surrounded by alpha men, real men. He needs a mentor, someone who will break him of his sissy ways. Mom has already arranged to send him to military school, a boarding school. Being a single mom, maybe she cannot teach him how to be a real man. She hugs him and says this is the best thing for him. He will leave today. 

On his first night in the dorm, all the boys identify him as a sissy, and they treat him as such. They force the new boy to dress like a sissy, frilly panties, bra, thigh-high stockings, and lipstick. They hold him down and fuck his little sissy boy mouth. The boy loves his new home. His fantasy becomes his reality. Now he can be a cocksucking sissy whore every night! 

Let’s Run Away Together

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  Howdy, it’s me AJ. You know Christmas is coming, and there is just one thing I want for Christmas. Can you guess, phone sex daddy? I want baby batter! I’m always listening, not snooping but listening. I know you want another baby, and I am your girl!

 I see how you look at me with your eyes going up and down my tender, teen body. I think my idea will work for both of us. You have what I want, and I have what you need, daddy.

Don’t worry as I have it all planned out. You know how sometimes I get in big trouble at school, and you have to pick me up? We can get a cheap hotel room. You know a “no tell” motel. Wink, wink! You can tell your wife that I broke my finger, and went to the ER. You were kind enough to take me, of course. It’s the perfect plan.

You know you want to see me with a little baby bump. Won’t my perky tits look awesome when I am preggers? I will call you from school. Then we can fuck our brains out until it’s time to go home. See you then! 


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Time for a Sexy Tryst

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What does a girl do when her favorite guy goes on a trip?  We do such delightfully naughty things together. Even though he has promised to let me join in via phone, it just won’t be enough.

I think an awesome plan is to go have some adventures of my own. I find out where he is staying and book myself a room.

I see this stunning older woman he is meeting at the bar. He was kind enough to send me a picture of her. I know all about her sexy kinks, but she knows nothing of me. My guy won’t be here till tomorrow so I will see just how dirty we can get. 

                                                               We enjoy a few drinks, and head up to my room. I love being playful, and I begin to tease her eventually asking who she is planning on meeting? She looks so surprised that I know about the sexy couple she played with years ago. I push her down on the huge king bed, and begin tasting her gushing pussy. She tastes so fucking good. I wonder what she would taste like off of his lips? After a night of fucking, she opens up to me about who she is meeting. She explains it will be a bit of an orgy. A few men and women of all ages. 

We have a few more drinks, and she pulls out her strap-on. Fuck, it is big. She hands it to me, and asks me to do the honors of fucking her beautiful apple shaped ass. Can you imagine the happy smile on my guys face when he sees us together?


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I love Cock!

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 It was such an amazing few days having my phone sex son and his friends here. I won’t lie, I was ready for them to all go back. My boys kept me so busy that I didn’t have any time for the men in my life.

After a wild night of fucking, I woke up wet, sticky and so sore!  My boys left me breakfast, a note and a new dildo to replace the one we broke. I know I should rest up since they will be back on Thanksgiving, but a very hot new man just got hired where I work. The way we are looking at one another I know soon we will be fucking like mad.

I wore a super sexy outfit to work today. Stockings, garter belt, stilettos, and a tight, sheer blouse. You could see right through my blouse. I didn’t mention my panties because I didn’t wear any. When I left for lunch, he followed me out. He won my heart immediately when without hesitation, he bent me over my car, and pounded me. I know people saw us, but that just gives them something hot to think about.

We spent the day finding out of the way places to fuck. This MILF pussy was so filled with cum, it was all over my desk chair. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings for me, and my hot new fuck buddy.


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Surviving The Holidays

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Holidays are coming as you’re aware. Everywhere you go, Christmas displays are already in full bloom. We both know this can be a stressful time of year. Between spending time with family, shopping, gift wrapping, gift giving, it can be all a little bit overwhelming.

I know exactly what you need to manage this time of year. You need to cum. I know that may sound funny, but it’s the truth. I don’t mean just any jerk off session will do, you need the kind of orgasm where your toes curl, and your balls are completely drained. Do you ever notice after a great orgasm you feel like you can take on anything? It’s almost like a weight has been lifted. After a big load of cum, you feel much more relaxed, and you can think clearer. Not just any run of the mill orgasm will make you feel that way, it needs to be with someone who knows how to push your right buttons. Of course, this isn’t a cure all for the next 2 months with one great orgasm. Keeping you a happy man requires multiple sessions with yours truly. Even if you’re not alone at home, find a quiet spot and I’ll bring you back to your happy place once again.

People will take notice of your joyous mood. Only you and I will know why you’re so happy. It turns out that all you need to survive another holiday season is a little Madame Joanne.


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We Do Bad Things Together

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I have a caller who constantly complains about his wife. He tells me that she bitches all the time and nags him over the littlest of things. After hearing the stories, I agree that she is a major bitch and something needs to be done about her.

In the beginning, I told him to do small simple tasks like cum on her toothbrush, panties, and cum in her mouthwash bottle. But now the time has come to do something a little more serious. She needs to be put in her place once and for all. I told him all you just need is the perfect accomplice to make it all go away. No more complaining, mood swings, and being turned down for sex.

We’ll wait for the perfect moment and slip her a little pill in her drink. I want her aware of what’s going on but also not strong enough to fight us. We will tie her to the bed, and that’s where the fun begins. It can be a slow process, and make her feel every bit of pain that she caused you over the years. Or, we can end it right away.

When we put our heads together, we will come up with the most brilliant plan that satisfying to both of us. Say goodbye to your nagging past and hello to a peaceful future.

Let’s be very bad together!


Written By: Jade
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My Pussy Creams For BBC

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I have a fuck friend that I see on weekly basis and it doesn’t take much to get all thirteen inches of his monster black dick hard and throbbing. You probably think it all wouldn’t fit inside my tight, teen pussy but it does, every inch of it. The thing that I love is he can go for hours and I have multiple orgasms when his big, mushroom head keeps hitting my g-spot. My stretched pussy is defiantly sore the next day, but totally worth it.

Most girls would scream when they feel their little pussy’s being stretched, but for me, my little hole just drips all over his black cock.

If you have a big black cock phone sex fantasy, or if you would like to hear about my real life BBC encounters, give me a call now. My pussy is getting creamy again just thinking about it.


Written By: Gina
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Bratty Neighbor Girl Phone Sex

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Mommy went away for the weekend with her new boyfriend. It’s the first time that I have the house to myself. 

On Friday, I hurry home from school because I know that a UPS package is on the front porch waiting for me. I ordered a push-up bra from Victoria Secrets. I want to make my tits look as big as possible this weekend. 

I am such a teen brat! Knowing that my neighbor is not home, I pick up the UPS package and set it in front of his door. My hot older neighbor will assume that the delivery man made a mistake, hoping he brings it over to me. I was waiting and waiting for so long! It was driving me crazy, waiting for him to get home. 

Finally, I hear the doorbell ring.  I run to answer. The neighbor hands me the package and mumbles something, cursing out UPS. Wow, it looks like my neighbor has had a bad day! To catch his attention and change his mood from grumpy to playful, I jump up and down. I squeal and ask him if he can help me open my package. 

We go into the kitchen and he helps me open up the package. His facial expression changes when he notices the sender. I cannot tell if he is excited or nervous, maybe both. Once open, I pull out the sexy bra and panties. In a very seductive voice, I ask him if I can model my new lingerie for him. He nods. 

Well, I guess this will be a hot weekend with the naughty neighbor, but it will not be my first weekend home alone. He and I will fuck in every room of the house!  



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The Devil Made You Do It

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  Looking at my picture, all you can think about is running your hands up my warm, smooth legs. Giving me gentle kisses all over my cheeks, and letting your hands roam over my ass. I can feel you giving my cheeks a firm squeeze with your hands.

Is your cock hard yet?

 I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’ve been really horny today. So turned on that I can feel my wetness on my panties. Feeling my soaked thong against my pussy lips makes me want to do very dirty things to you.

  I want you to take your tongue and lick my sweet juices off my black thong. After every inch of my panties is sucked dry, pull my thong to the side and my ass is yours. You have been drooling at my perfect ass for years now, it’s now time to suck, lick and repeat. 

Worshiping my pussy and ass is just for starters. I’m the devil today and I’ll be having you do things you never thought you would do. 


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Baby Britt Goes Trick or Treating

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I love Halloween, it’s my favorite time of year. I know I’m too old to be trick or treating but I can still pull it off because I am cute and tiny.

It’s Halloween night and your cock has been rock hard for the past several hours looking at the cute little girls in their costumes. One girl was a gymnast that had on a skin tight leotard. Her little nipples were poking through the spandex materiel and you almost blew a load in your pants while passing out candy.

It’s 9:00 pm and your doorbell rings, it’s way to late for trick or treaters but you answer anyway. There I am in my sexy outfit, looking up at you. The young ones made you so hard but seeing me in my sexy costume put you over the edge. I tell you I don’t want any candy, I just want to please your pedo cock with my young, petite body. All your young girl fantasies are about to come true tonight.


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Baby Making Pussy

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Do you ever look at certain young girls and think they would look so cute with a baby bump? I have the perfect baby making pussy! I know I am super fertile and just need the right Daddy cum to shoot deep inside my hairless pussy and make a baby together.

Take a good, long look at my teenage pussy. Now imagine the head of your cock feeling my tender lips. It would feel so good, but don’t shoot your load there! (giggles) We both know we need your throbbing cock thrusting deep into me to make sure I get pregnant.

 A lot of my friends are planning to go to college or get a job, but not me. Nope! I’m super excited to have a big, round belly and have bigger tits. My fertile pussy is waiting for you, daddy!



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Your Favorite Seductive Witch

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An erotic tale as old as time. The beautiful and hypnotic witch set her sights on him. He will be hers forever!

The man escapes the stresses of his daily life in the city for a long weekend in the country. He arrives late, and he is weary from the drive.

Is it possible that his eyes play tricks on him? For only a moment he sees a glimpse of a sexy lady, dressed all in black at the top of the stairs.

He drinks the wine that the staff left for him and crawls into bed. The erotic dreams cause him to have a restless night, and he wakes up dazed and confused. There is this inner voice in his head telling me to skip the breakfast prepared by the cook, and to explore the apple orchard.

He dresses and slips out the back without being seen by anyone. As he follows the path, the morning fog and mist create a mystical and eerie feel to the orchard. In the photos online, the orchard looks like the most serene, picturesque place. Without the crowd of smiling faces and the bright sun, he is not uncomfortable. He feels like a bit of a wimp being scared, all alone. Although he wants to return to his room, that voice in his head tells him to go into the orchard, up the hill and then down the lake. The voice has control of his mind and body, so he follows the path.

Down at the lake, there is that same woman, he is sure, that he saw last night, swimming in the lake. He stands there frozen in the spot, spying on her skinny dipping. She acknowledges him and says hello. He wants to run but his feet betray him. The lovely lady gets out of the lake walks towards him. She is naked except for a stunning, expensive necklace around her neck.

There is an ageless beauty to her. She looks young but her mysterious, captivating eyes tell him she knows all the secrets to the universe. As he introduces himself, she says she knows who he is and slips into her black robe.

With one kiss to his lips, the powerful, sexy witch makes him lose all control. Well, it is actually his orgasm. The witch puts a spell on his cock, doubles his size and rides him until he has the most intense red hot orgasm. Now he belongs to the hot witch.

By the end of the weekend, he vows never to leave her side and to please her any way possible from now to the end of time.



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Kissing The Boss’s Ass

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Everything had me running late for work this morning. My alarm didn’t going off, traffic was horrible, and the dumb ass bitch I was behind at Starbucks drive thru who ordered for 10 people. Needless to say, when I got to work I was in a horrible mood. I just snarled at the people who said hello to me when I raced passed them to get to my office.

As soon as I sat down at my desk, I had a 9:30 conference call that I completely forgot about. Between the coffee and the breakfast sandwich I had earlier, I really had to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t leave my office so I thought of a great idea to get some relief.

I texted my secretary to have that new guy from accounting to come to my office. I don’t remember his name but he looks like he would be a good fit for this task I have for him.

He comes in, and I motion for him to shut the door, and sit down. I begin to undress, and I wave my ass in front of him. I look back and he looks shocked, and excited for what’s to come. I push his head back, and position my ass right on his face. I’ve been holding in my shit and piss for so long, it all came out at once on his face and tongue.

Once I was done with my call, I ordered him to lick my asshole clean. I told him I have zero time today to run to the restroom. I threatened if he wanted to keep his accounting job, he will need to do exactly what I say, or he’ll have a new job cleaning the toilets.

It’s fucking amazing what people would do for their bosses when their job is on the line. Not only did he lick my ass for hours, he ran out and got me a big Mexican lunch. I know what he’ll be doing for the rest of the day.


Written By: Christine
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Bitten By A Vampire

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           Are you lost little boy? I can’t imagine what you’re doing out so late at night. It is beginning to rain and you look cold. Come home with me, I will take such good care of you. You wonder why I’m not afraid to be out so late, in the dark on such a terrible end of town. I laugh and tell you I am fearless.

We get to my loft and I open the door. You wonder why it isn’t locked. I tell you I am indestructible. You look around and my decor confuses you. You ask if all the coffins are my Halloween decorations. I smile and you think you see fangs. 

I fix you a snack. I am not hungry, not for what you’re eating anyway. I can smell you and I am lusting for what runs in your veins. You wander around my loft, as you are getting comfortable. You begin to feel dizzy so I help you to my bed. You make a cute joke about my antique four poster bed. I am not sure why you find it funny. You ask why I am so pale and hardly ever smile. You fall asleep.

You wake up to find me naked and in bed with you. You can’t believe your luck. I straddle you and begin to ride you. My soft but oddly strong hands are around your neck. You look into my glowing eyes and beg me to bite you. The smell of your blood is intoxicating. Young blood is the most potent. You beg me to turn you. It’s tempting but, way too much responsibility for me. Good night sweet boy. I laugh at my own kindness and toss you to the rats.



MalayaWritten By: Malaya Maxxx
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Old Friends and Lovers

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       Last night I ran into an old friend from school. She was my first, and you never forget your first. I was with a fuck buddy, and she was with her boyfriend. We all were having a great time, but I wanted more. I could tell by the way she was looking at me, and flirting with me that she wanted more as well.

We went to the restroom, totally innocent as men think we always go in pairs. As soon as we shut the door, we fell into each others arms. It was like we were back in school and nothing had changed.

We came up with a plan to ditch the men. Gina pretended she had gotten way to drunk and we left together. In the Uber, we couldn’t keep our hands off of one another. Her lips were delicious, her skin so soft. I couldn’t wait to get rid of our clothes and fuck our brains out.

Once at my condo, we tried to slow it down a bit. We had a few drinks, slow dances and kissed for hours. I was dying to taste her sweet, wet pussy again.  I love oral more than anything, and with a beautiful woman, it’s just so amazing. We fucked till the sun came up.

We took a long, steamy shower and began to to fuck again. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. Before she left, we decide to keep it a secret from our men. I mean I do love dirty little secrets.


DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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Mutual Masturbation with Miss Angie

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A true older woman knows how to take care of your cock during a mutual masturbation call. Honey, I’ve had loads of experience, and I love sharing intimate details with you. My horny pussy gets wet talking about sex, so naturally I want to please myself. Many of my callers tell me that they feel like they’re in the same room with me. 

I love when you lube your hard cock so I can hear your hand thrusting up and down. Don’t worry sweetie, I have a sloppy wet pussy for you to hear as well. I also love using toys for you. I have a nightstand drawer filled with toys for our conversation.

One of my favorite toys is my 12 inch dildo with a suction cup at the end of it. I stick it to my bedpost, and I get on all fours. I back up my pussy, and start fucking it while you’re on the phone with me. It feels like you’re actually in my bedroom, fucking my pussy. 

Mutual Masturbation with Miss Angie is the closest thing to being the real thing!


Written By: Miss Angie
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  It is our first date. I hadn’t seen you since high school. You look hot as fuck, but there is just something that seems different. I can’t quite figure it out.

After a fun date, I was starting to think the chemistry was off. You are in town for a few days so you stay at The Ritz. You invite me to spend the night. You tell me not to worry because the suite is huge, and I can have my own room. Definitely looking like no chemistry. Of course, once I got a look at your cock while you are changing, I knew there definitely won’t be any fucking.

I fall asleep, and wake up to the sounds of you giggling and trying on my lingerie.  You are posing, smiling in the mirror, and being very girly. Things are starting to make sense. It’s still a bit early, so I excuse myself, and explain I have forgotten a few things. You ask to go with, but I tell you to try on more of my things, and I will be back shortly.

I return wearing something most unexpected. A man’s suit. You lick your lips when you see the bulge in my pants. You crawl to me and unzip my pants. You smile when you see I am in sexy black lingerie. You are in frilly, lacy pink. You beg me to let you suck my strap-on. While you are on your knees sucking my cock, you hear a knock at the suite door. There is 5 very tall, muscled and hot men. I sit back and watch. Commanding you to be a good little girl, and please my friends. This is going to be one hot, dirty, sexy, filthy night.



TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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May All Your Fantasies Be Dark

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           Happy Halloween month you perv! I know just what you’re fucking thinking. You want this year to be different. You’re so excited and you know just what and who you want. She is older than you’re used to, but she is so hot in a chubby, big tits sort of way. You’ve worked for her for many years. She is bossy, rude, and you can’t stand her. You want to hurt her. You’re waiting for all the Halloween excitement. Adorable little ones are everywhere. People are drinking, drugging and going to parties. This is your night to strike.

You knock on her door and she thinks it is kids. When she opens the door with a big, fake smile you push the taser into her round tummy. She convulses and falls on the floor. You look around to see if anyone was watching. They weren’t. You look at her body and quickly strip her. She wakes up to find herself bound to the bed. She tries to scream, but it gets stuck in her throat. You know what she is so frantic about. You picked her for two reason and the second one is in her pretty pink Laura Ashley bedroom. 

The bitch tries to give you what you want. All she can think of is the girl in the pink bedroom. You fuck the life out of her and finish with your strong hands around her neck. Just when her life is slipping away, you whisper in her ear that next you will be heading to the pretty pink bedroom.

Happy Halloween! May all your fantasies be dark and deviant.



IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Fucking a Stranger In Vegas

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My best girlfriends and I took a road trip to Vegas last weekend. It was a crazy time. When we checked in, the sexy guy behind the desk upgraded us to a suite. The room was gorgeous, but we hardly spent any time in the room. We went to the pool for the afternoon. Guys were checking out all the bikini babes. The rum runners made me lose my inhibitions, and I went topless at the pool. I let the guys drool over my big tits while one of my girlfriends rubbed lotion all over them.

After the pool, the girls and I went up the room, showered, and got ready for a night of partying. I wore a new bra and panties under my tiny cocktail dress. Once we hit the club in our hotel, I saw a sexy guy checking me out. I motioned him to the dance floor. Grinding my hips, teasing him, I made him so horny for me. Dancing is the most exciting foreplay for me. After one song, he wanted to go up to the room. I held his face in my hands, looked deep into his eyes, and promised him a night of the hottest sex of his life, but I was not ready to leave the dance floor yet.

I was in Vegas to dance and have wild sex. I told my hottie I wanted to party all night. He was up for it! He spun me around and pulled me close. He ran his hand along my hips, and I could feel he was hard for me. We kissed a little, and I talked dirty into his ear. I softly nibbled on his neck and his earlobe. I promised to leave lipstick kiss marks on his chest, ass and cock.

We danced so dirty together that I was panting and lusting for him to fuck me. We were both sweaty and hot. I let him suck on one of my tits while we were in the elevator up to his room. We were not alone, and I know the guys enjoyed the view. When we got to his floor, he took me up to his room, and I had his pants unzipped as the door closed. Immediately, I was on my knees, sucked his cock, and we fucked on the floor, then the bed, and again in the shower.

We ordered room service and ate breakfast together. Then I kissed him goodbye and walked back to my room, that walk of shame in my cocktail dress in the morning. I saw a nice older couple leaving their room. I knew I looked slutty wearing a cocktail dress in the morning, but I smiled.

On the drive back to LA, the girls and exchanged our steamy details.


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Halloween With AJ

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  I am so excited for Halloween this year! My mom will be out of town and daddy is so easily tricked by me. We all know that means a party!

Want to know a secret?  I am only having the party to distract daddy, so I can go to my sexy neighbors house. Daddy will be so busy perving on my friends costumes, that he will have no idea if I leave for the entire night.

What are my plans, you wonder? Well, I am going to visit Mr. P who lives a few houses from me. He has no idea that I have set my horny little mind on him.

I wonder if he has a big dick? “giggles”. I also wonder if he has baby making swimmers? A girl like me wants to know these sort of things. I have seen his wife and she is so old, and FAT! I bet she always tells him “no”. He has nothing to worry about as I am going to make all his naughty dreams cum true.

Cum have some treats and maybe a little trick with AJ!


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