My New Temp Job

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I started a new temp job for some extra cash. I was told by the other ladies in the office that my boss has a thing for black girls. It kind of made sense being I didn’t have any experience when I told him during the interview. When the other woman told me he liked dark chocolate, I used it to my advantage. I wore tiny skirts with thigh highs and always made sure I missed a few buttons on my blouse. I caught him looking and he made a few comments on how good I looked and how pretty I am.

He asked only me to help him after hours with some paperwork. I knew he was gonna make a move and I was ready for it. An hour passed and it was completely professional. I didn’t think I would be actually doing real work. I was like “what the fuck?” I know this dude likes me, so what gives?

Finally I slipped my hand on his thigh and worked my way to his cock. I told him that I heard he liked black girls. He seemed shocked and said he can’t do anything because he was married. As I got up from my chair and got on my knees in front of him, I told him that I’m really good at keeping secrets. Once his pants were off and my big, thick lips were sucking his cock, his eyes rolled back into his head. He told me if I do this for him everyday that there’s a pay raise in my future.


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Cock Fight

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Torn between two lovers! What is a sexy girl to do?

Both my lovers want to take me out Saturday and spend the night with me. I like them both, and I would love to spend the night with both of them. That is my fantasy, two of them fucking me all night long. 

Unfortunately, my guys are not as open-minded as me, so I have to decide. I weigh the pros and cons. Both guys are handsome, sweet, smart and sexy.  No clear winner! 

I invite them both over tonight and explain the situation. Since I only can go out with one of the guys, they have to be pulled out of their comfort zones. If they both want to date me on Saturday, they are going to have to participate in a contest. The winner takes me out on Saturday. 

The contest is simple. Both of my guys will pull their cocks out and stroke it for me. I will listen and watch. The cock that starts to leak out first is my Saturday night date. 

Want to hear more?



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Cum Fee Phone Sex

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No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. I said CUM FEE not CUM FREE!

PAY UP you little dick fag!  Every pathetic loser knows they don’t cum with me on the phone and if they do, there’s a Cum Fee. Nothing is free with me, not even your jizz. I even charge for your pre-cum and I always know when your pencil dick is just starting to spit a drop.

My voice is hypnotic and highly addictive so losers naturally start stroking as soon as I speak. Nothing gets past me! I can hear your heaving breathing, not being able to hold a conversation and I can also hear the lotion on your tiny clit. I know it all!

Once your droplet comes out of your micro-penis, CHA CHING! You should feel privileged I am even letting you cum with me on the phone when I have so much better things to do with my time.

Are you ready to pay your CUM FEE?



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The Perfect Accomplice

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You found the perfect little victim. You’ve had your eyes set on her for awhile now. You watch the way her short skirt rides up her legs when she’s frolicking around the playground. You are drawn to her little hard nipples poking through her Hello Kitty shirt when she gets a little chilly.

You can’t help to have those feelings every time you see her. You have jacked off countless times while watching her and even when you’re home you look at the collage of pictures you took of her petite, pretty body. You’re drawn to her in every way possible. The need to have her gets stronger everyday. Everything is in place except one thing. You need a sick, twisted accomplice that’s even more corrupted than you. You need me to lure her to you. She needs someone sweet, charming and most importantly someone she can trust. We both know I am not none of those things but when it comes to hot, young flesh, I am game.

Contact me (1.866.481.6236) to set up the most deviant accomplice call. Your victim may be yours sooner than you think.



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Spring Fling Phone Sex

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Every man has thought about cheating on their wife. When you see a young, hot and sexy body like mine your cock can’t help but to get hard. Your naughty mind starts to wander and think what my ass would look like bent over in front of your face. Or, how good my pussy would feel when you slide deep inside me. You’re wanting to fuck me in every position possible.

The weather is getting warmer and it’s time for your cock to come out of hibernation. You are in indefinite need of a spring fling. It’s not really cheating but fucking me will feel better than the real thing. It’s something you have been wanting for a long time but just haven’t made the call.

You can finally unleash your secrets and have a deeper connection with someone who won’t judge. Don’t wait any longer, my young, wet pussy is waiting for you.


SyndiWritten By: Syndi
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My Phone Sex Daddy Got Me Pregnant!

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You see what happens when you come into my room late at night? You were being sneaky again and crawling into my bed naked and fondling your little girl. Well too many times of this and guess what? You got your baby girl pregnant. Just look at my big, swollen, lactating tits. What am I suppose to do with my leaky breasts? Will you suck my milky nipples while you fuck my pregnant pussy?

I love telling all my friends my phone sex daddy knocked me up. In fact, they’re so jealous of me that they want to come over and have daddy cum in them too so we all can be pregnant. I don’t think you will mind impregnating all my cute little friends, will you daddy?


Written By: Payton
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Cock Kisses

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   Some men are just complete fucking cunt faces. I have one in-particular and while he is dead serious, I laugh my fucking ass off as soon as I hear his fag face voice. He can’t get enough of body fluids. Shit, piss, snot and jizz, he craves it all. He does have an issue with blood, but well if I have been fucked and on my period, he will take it like a greedy little pig! 

His newest expression is “cock kisses”. I just assumed it was kissing someones cock, but I should have known better with this jerk off. It is when the girlfriend he once had sucks a guy off and then kisses him with a mouth of of jizz. I call that snowballing, like most people. Of course, asswipe isn’t like any normal person I know. Leave it to him to come up with a fucked little expression for it. Did I mention he does like women, but how the fuck could he satisfy one with his little clitty?

I could talk about him for hours, as he is just that fucking hysterical.  He is just a mixed bag stupidity. He goes by many names douchebag, asswipe, cunt face, jerk off and my favorite because it was the first Philip The Faggot.  I have spit many drinks out laughing, quite the waste of booze but entirely worth the laughs.


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Mommy Is Out Of Town

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Phone sex Daddy and I have this sexy little game that we play when mommy is out of town. When school is over for the day, he has me go to the mall and tease the men who are watching me. I love pervy men so much!  Phone sex daddy follows me and gives me a special sign when he sees a man we might like to take home. A big cock is a must for me, and I can always tell which men have one that is big enough for this big, black cock craving little slut.

Sometimes I invite my friends over to join us, daddy just loves that! By the time I was done flirting for the day, there was 4 big men that were going to meet me at my house. Of course, my friend and I sucked daddy off so he would be able to cum again once all the men were done with us. I love servicing all the men with my tiny, little girl body. We always make movies so we can watch them later when mommy is home and we can’t play our naughty games.

Would you like to join us? The more the merrier and the bigger the better.  Invite your friends too, because I just can’t get enough jizz in my tight little holes.

xoxo, Tiny K

KatieWritten By: Katie
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Submit To The Moment

April 13th, 2018 | Bondage Phone Sex, Bukkake Fetish Phone Sex, Daphne's Blog, Deep Throat Phone Sex, Erotic Stories Phone Sex, Orgasms Phone Sex, Sensual Domination Phone Sex, Submissive Phone Sex, Uninhibited Phone Sex | 0 Comments

A friend of mine has just had this glow about her lately. She seems so relaxed even with the extremely taxing job she has. I asked her what her secret was as I knew this couldn’t be because of a new lover in her life as she is too busy. She handed me a business card, winked and told me to just give it a try. I was thinking she must have just found herself an awesome masseuse.

I made an appointment, and filled out some disclaimers. That seemed odd, it was just a massage. There was an envelope on the reception desk with another form for me to fill out and sign and a list of instructions. I followed them carefully wondering just what I had gotten myself into. I drank the chilled white wine, which was to relax me and slowly stripped down. I put on the blindfold and waited.

I heard the door open and the deep voice of a man. He put my hands in leather restraints and told me we were about to begin. He gave me my safe word and then he began. He started slow teasing my nipples with a feather. When he noticed I was already starting to arch my back and getting so wet, he then restrained my ankles. I don’t really consider myself a sub or a domme. I just go with the flow of my sex partner but this was fucking amazing. You want more details? Why not give me a call, and we both can get off while I tell you everything!


DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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Accomplice Or Victim?

April 11th, 2018 | Abduction Phone Sex, Accomplice Phone Sex, Age Play Phone Sex, Blood Sports Phone Sex, Deviant Phone Sex, Fetish Phone Sex, Hardcore Phone Sex, Malaya's Blog, Necrophillia Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, Rape Scenarios Phone Sex, Snuff Phone Sex, Torture Phone Sex | 0 Comments


You are afraid, and I would like to say I understand it, but I don’t. I have always been a fearless bitch, and nothing phases or scares me. We moved a lot when I was growing up because I was an Army brat, but also because I was always getting into a bloody mess my parents couldn’t get me out of. By the time I was 17, I left home to do whatever the fuck I wanted. So you see, none of my deviant behavior has anything to do with daddy issues or rape. I am just me, a twisted, depraved bitch with a thirst for blood.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I want to know what makes you fucking tick. What is it about rape, torture and snuff that makes you so hard you lose all self control and don’t give a fuck about consequences? Let’s put our heads together and come up with a devious plan. Don’t be a fucking pussy. Do you want to be my accomplice or my victim? It all works for me and that is the only thing that really fucking matters.


MalayaWritten By: Malaya Maxxx
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Sun, Fun, and Sex with A Stranger

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  I went on a quick vacation because I was craving hot weather, sun and tanning my fair skin a bit. I had never been to Arizona before and picked a cute little boutique hotel. I was totally disappointed when I saw the hotel looked nothing like it did on its website. After a few words at reception desk, I cancelled and went to a little seaside bar to decide just where I should go next.

A man was looking my way, and sent over a glass of wine. After the second glass, he came over and introduced himself. After chatting and mild flirting, I asked him for some hotel suggestions. He smiled and said “me casa es su casa”. I totally would have failed Spanish if not for my 36’s but this is an expression everyone knows. We flirted a bit more, drank more, and I decided why not!

His home was huge with a beautiful deck and pool. I went to his spare room to change and meet him by the pool. There was a big fence around his property and I really wanted a good tan, I just wore the tiny g-string bottom of my bikini. He was not at all shy, and suggested we go totally nude. Why not? This trip was all about adventure.

The sun was going down and he suggested I get ready for dinner. I giggled about room service as I went off to change. I was fixing my hair and makeup when he put his arms around me and pushed his big, thick dick in between my thighs. His hands cupped my big tits as he kissed my neck. Going slow is good SOMETIMES but other times a hard pounding bent over the sink is even better. I reached around, stroked his extremely hard dick and guided it into my creamy, hot wet pussy.


TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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Tuck-In Phone Sex with Your Mommy Morgan

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You are usually such a good boy for your Mommy Morgan; however, ever since we moved the clocks for daylight savings time, bedtime is now an issue.

 Going to bed when it is still light outside may not seem fair, but I am very strict about your bedtime. You have to follow my rules because I know what is best for you. Going to bed is not a punishment. Making sure you get a good night sleep is just one of those things that a good Mommy does for her sweet boy. A smart Mommy has some tricks to make bedtime fun. 

Mommy will get ready for bed too. I will take my bath and put on a pretty little nightie. Before you get into bed, I give you a very long hug. Then, I will tuck you into bed, get you under your covers, sweetheart. I give you little kisses on your cheeks.

I have new bedtime game that we can play. 

If you keep your eyes closed, Mommy will slide her hand under the covers and play the edging counting game with you. You want to stay awake, but Mommy wants you to become excited you, make you release, so you can relax and drift off to good sleep. I know you will hold out for as long as you can as Mommy edges you, but ultimately, Mommy’s lovely hand wins out. You are a good boy who gets a good cum, and a good night sleep. Mommy Morgan always takes good care of you, sweetie. 



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Time To Fuck My Grades To A’s

April 10th, 2018 | Age Play Phone Sex, Bratty Teen Phone Sex, Jailbait Phone Sex, Naughty Confessions Phone Sex, Naughty Redhead Phone Sex, Naughty School Girl Phone Sex, Pedo Fantasies Phone Sex, Pervert Phone Sex, Piper's Blog, Teacher / Student Phone Sex, Young Girl Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | 0 Comments

It is getting close to Summer and end of school for the year. I kind of screwed off most of the year. I am just one cute, little, red haired procrastinator.  Normally I get right to it, but this year most of my teachers were female and they didn’t seem to accept my offer of sex, which kind of sucked as I love women as much as men.

Lucky for me, the teacher that I had several classes with had some sort of family emergency and a man took her place for the rest of the school year. I didn’t waste any time once I saw him. OMG, I  would suck and fuck him regardless of better grades.

When our last class of day was over, I asked if I could have a talk with him. I explained I knew there wasn’t much time to improve my grades but was there ANYTHING we could do? ~Wink, wink~ I could see by the way he was looking me up and down this would be easy peasy. He told me to hop up on his big desk, and soon his face was buried in my hot, ginger, teen twat.


PiperWritten By: Piper
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Mommy’s Open-Door Policy

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All my phone sex little boys know Mommy Savannah’s door is always open. I know it can be lonely sleeping in your bed all by your lonesome. Mommy likes when you cuddle up next to her and feel my baby’s growing hard-on against my sexy ass. It makes me very wet knowing how much I turn you on and the things I’m about to do with you.

Sometimes I hear my bedroom door creak open in the middle of the night, I slip off my silk panties and guide you right to my open legs. I run my nails through your hair and tell you how good you make your phone sex Mommy feel. I love guiding you like any good, nourishing Mommy would. When your tongue goes deep into me, you will be rewarded with Mommy’s cream all over your face.

No one would ever understand the love we share and how much I love taking care of you. We have such a wonderful bond and when you pleasure Mommy Savannah, you know you’re getting something special in return.

Come on in baby, Mommy Savannah is waiting for you! 


Written By: Savannah
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Guy On Guy Action Makes My Pussy Cream

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I couldn’t decide what to wear for girls night. I have so many sexy dresses, heels and panties that I needed some help choosing. Who better to help me decide than one of my sissy boy friends. I mean he is good for so many fucking things, and fashion is just one of them. My condo is pretty much a 24/7 party so when I came back down in my shortest dress and stilettos I noticed two of my fuck buddies where over too.

It was obvious they thought I looked amazingly hot by the bulge in their pants. Normally I would have fucked them both but I had plans, and we had reservations for table service at a very hard to get in club. I winked at my sissy friend whose mouth was already drooling. LMAO, not at me, at them, of course.

I love guy on guy action, but I didn’t have time to stick around and watch. My Uber was waiting and my wet pussy would have to wait till I got in the car. I can always count on my deviant lot of friends. While I finger banged my hot, creamy pussy, they were sending me pictures of sissy boy sucking cock and getting fucked. An awesome start of girls night.



HarleyWritten By: Harley
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Toilet Slave Phone Sex

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I got a new toilet slave today. He really wanted me to degrade him so I made it very clear that his sole purpose was to be my full toilet. There was no little bit of this and a little of that. It’s everything or you don’t get me at all. You are only my toilet slave, nothing else. If I don’t have to pee or shit, you will be put away and only taken out when needed.

My sexy lover likes taking me to a really nice Mexican restaurant which tastes so good but I will put my toilet slut to good use at the end of the night. After dinner, he comes back to my place for a hot fuck. He has a huge dick and he gets deeper in my ass than anyone has gone before. He definitely starts stiring things up and gets the shit moving around. By the time I get fucked so good by my lover, I am ready for my human toilet bowl. You might also get some warm, gooey cum dripping from my holes as well but I know you don’t mind.

Your face only looks appealing when my brown shit is smeared all over it. You’re a sad, worthless human being who is only good for ONE thing.


Written By: Christine
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Pay to Body Worship

April 5th, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Body Worship Phone Sex, Control Phone Sex, Domination Phone Sex, Phoenix's Blog, Young Phone Sex Voice | 1 Comment

Look at this body. I love showing it off and my body always gets me what I want. I have many admires that would do anything to get more of me. My body worship calls are the best because I give them the privilege to admire my body and pay me for doing so.

I love hearing how badly you want to lick every inch of my gorgeous body. You will start at the ground (where you belong) and lick my heels. You will move up to my toes and then massage my beautiful, pedicured feet. If I feel you’ve done a good job, I will give you permission to proceed further. Most unworthy losers stay strictly at my soles.

 I know you will never fuck someone like me so that’s why you have to pay to worship. I will ruin you for all other women because they’re not as hot as me and simply don’t have the power or control I have over you. You have finally figured out that I am an addicting drug that you always need to have on a daily basis.


Written By: Phoenix
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Tiny Dick Humiliation

April 5th, 2018 | Cuckold Phone Sex, Domination Phone Sex, FemDom Phone Sex, Feminization Phone Sex, Fetish Phone Sex, Forced Bisexuality Phone Sex, Goddess Worshipping Phone Sex, Humiliation Phone Sex, Lady Rayne's Blog, Pathetic Loser Phone Sex, Sissification Phone Sex | 0 Comments

I have been asked so many times if size matters. I say “no” but that is assuming it isn’t a wee little 3 inches of empty pants. I have never been with a man smaller than 7 inches and well, 3 inches is a clit! Can you imagine being with a new man reaching into his pants, wet and ready to fuck only to find 3 inches? I wouldn’t be able to decide right then if I am disappointed or find his lack of a real dick hysterical.

Ah, but once I see how little a man can be he has only one use for me, and that is to be my little sissy bitch. I gather my friends because some humiliation is most definitely in order. I mean, he can’t even stroke it like a real man can, it is just too fucking little. What is the best thing to do when you realize you’re ridiculously small?

Call Lady Rayne for the only thing a wee little dick needs, some cruel humiliation.


Lady RayneWritten By:  Lady Rayne
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Naughty Ashlee is Your Jerk Off Instructor

April 4th, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Ashlee's Blog, Guided Masturbation Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Your Naughty Ashlee | 0 Comments

You would think you know your cock better than anyone but you’re wrong. No one knows your cock better than Naughty Ashlee. I’m a skilled jerk off instructor who can take care of your cock better than anyone else.

It all starts with my voice. Once you hear my soft, sensual voice your cock immediately responds. With my detailed instructions, your pants are off and you’re completely relaxed. A good instructor wouldn’t let you stroke right away. You have to first tease your cock and balls until your dick is throbbing for your touch. Once you’re dripping with pre-cum is when I will allow you to stroke your cock, gliding your pre-cum up and down your shaft.

You may think you know when you should cum but only me (your jerk off instructor) will tell you when you can release your full, aching balls. Once I give you permission to cum,  you will explode more than you ever have in your life. You will be thanking me and I guarantee you won’t be jerking off without your Naughty Ashlee’s guidance again.


AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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Worship My Big, Black Titties

April 4th, 2018 | Anything Goes Phone Sex, Breast Worship Phone Sex, Interracial Phone Sex, Keshia's Blog, Natural Tits Phone Sex, Nipple Play Phone Sex, No Limits Phone Sex, No Taboo Phone Sex, Titty Fucking Phone Sex | 0 Comments

No matter where I go, guys are always eyeing my beautiful, black tits. I’m not gonna lie, I like the attention I get when I wear low cut shirts. My perfect, natural titties even turn me on. Before I leave my house, I look in the mirror and I see my hard nipples poking through my shirt and I start to rub and pull them. It turns me on so much I get myself off with one hand finger fucking my pussy and my other hand playing with my nipples.

I bet your dick gets hard thinking about sliding your white cock in between my big, black tits. Let me fuck up your cock real good with my titties and see how much cum you can squirt all over them. I love tasting white cream on dark chocolate.

Call me for Breasts/Nipple Worship Phone Sex!


Written By: Keshia
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