Window Washing Time

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Oh look! The window washers are cleaning the glass today. They are sort of cute in a construction worker kind of way.  I wonder if they could see me if I opened my curtains wide. Just a naughty thought I had. 

I am just peaking out, getting a better look. Oops, my phone and it is my very favorite caller. I wonder if it would excite him to know my curtains are now wide open, and men can see me.

He tells me to get undressed and he means everything. I get undressed and grab my vibrator. He asks me to open my windows because I am so very loud when I cum.  He wants the men to hear me.

     He then demands I put a chair in front of the window and fuck myself right there for all to see. Now it isn’t just the window washers. A very tall, dark haired man is motioning to me. Wait, he is holding up a sign. It has his digits on it. Oh, it also has his dick size.  My caller tells me to text him a picture of my bald, teen pussy. This is so much naughty, sexy fun! 

Did I go over and fuck him? Of course, I did! Call me for all the dirty details. 


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Boys Getting Into Mischief

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This afternoon, I am working on some paperwork in my home office. You have complained about being bored. You have nagged me about having a buddy from school come over and hang out with you. I agreed as long as you do not disturb my work.

You and your school chum play video games, watch a movie and hang out in your room. I had to come out of my office a few times to ask you to keep the noise down.

After a while, it has become quiet, too quiet. Two quiet teen boys equals naughty mischief. I open your bedroom door and I am shocked by what I see. You and your buddy are naked from the waist down and I catch you both masturbating.

Oh my! I think you two need to be punished and put on a private show for me.

Your Naughty Mommy Morgan



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Your Cock Needs Satisfaction

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How long have you been fantasizing about me? How many nights have you laid awake with a hard cock unable to sleep because you cannot get me out of your head? I know it must be tough being alone late at night with a stiff cock needing satisfaction. I want you to know satisfaction is just a phone call away. You don’t have to be alone anymore. You can make all your fantasies with me a reality.

I would love to cum together. Oh, how I’d love to hear your cock explode as you moan my name. After I will lick your cock clean and swallow all that hot cum, I want to kiss you passionately on the lips. 


Written By: Adrianna
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Southern Seduction

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Every cock needs a dose of sweet Southern charm. I am the epitomy of seduction. In the South, women are taught from a very young age to flirt. It’s not something officially discussed, its just something all of us do.

I love using my voice to put you in a trance, captivate you, and seduce you. I’ll violate all of your senses and bring you to a point of extreme and intense desire way before our skin ever even touches.

I want you to want me more than you have ever craved a woman before in your life.  When I whisper in your ear with my soft and sensual voice, your cock will be gushing out pre-cum. When I share with you all of the naughty things I want us to do, your cock will then belong to me. Get ready for me to do any and everything to it.

Your cock has never been fucked right until it has experience the Southern Hospitality that my pussy has to offer.


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Your Favorite Roleplay Artist

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dress up 1

Tell me your most secret, taboo fantasy!

I make all your roleplays come alive. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a playmate, who is not your sweet, loving Mommy.

Sometimes you have something else in mind, maybe something dark. Maybe a very forbidden, taboo fantasy, maybe an age play fantasy, or maybe hardcore domination. I can do it all!

I consider myself a “roleplay artist.” You tell me what you have in mind, and I can weave a tale for us to quench that thirst for something wicked and taboo. Let your mind go. Don’t be shy. You can tell your Mommy Morgan your dark fantasy.

Sometimes you’re in the mood for fun and playful, and you’re in need of your Mommy Morgan to help you cum. Perhaps tonight, you are in the mood for something dark and very taboo. Give me a call and let me help you explore your dark fantasy or unusual fetish.

Your Favorite Roleplay Artist,



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You Are Not Worthy!

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You would give your very last breath for the privilege of sticking your cock inside of me, wouldn’t you?  You close your eyes and you can visualize it. When you jerk off, you try to imagine just how tight my pussy is. Your lips water when you think of tasting it. I can’t say I blame you, I am pretty irresistible.  Keep thinking, hoping and fantasizing……it is probably all you’ll ever get.

Do you think I would let a loser like you inside of me?  If you were a real man you wouldn’t still be reading, the fact that you’re glued to my every word proves you’re not worthy to ever experience me!


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Where Do You Want To Cum On My Body?

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Do you think you can handle a little southern naughtiness? I know I can. When you look at this body I want you to think exactly where you want to shoot your hot, creamy load.  Do you want to cum on my beautiful tits? Perhaps, you would prefer to shoot your load deep in my sweet pussy, or my tight ass. I can think of plenty of places where I need your cum. My cute feet could also use a warm cum shower.

How many places on my body do you want to cum? Fantasize about it, get familiar with my body. I want to hear about how you’re going to cover my entire body with your creamy, milky cum.


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My Pussy Makes You Weak

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I know that you call me because you can’t resist me. You know that I am a horrible cock tease. I recognize that the tone of your voice changes as I describe my matching bra and panties. I know you are aroused. I know that you want me. I know that I make you hard.

Once again, you are hard for me and I have all the control. I tease you by telling you that you make my panties wet when I hear you moan my name in that breathy tone. I peel down my panties and describe how I rub them against your nose.

You have lost all control. The scent of my young pussy makes you weak, makes you beg for more of me. Next, I brush my panties against your cheek and then glide them down your chest. I place my panties in your hand, your stroking hand.

I make you stroke your cock for me. I edge you over and over. I bring you to the brink of orgasm, but forbid you from cumming. I remind you how much better of an orgasm that you are going to have if you just wait a little longer. Isn’t that why you call me? You know how much control that I have over your cock! You feel hypnotized by my naughty teasing voice.

When I do let you cum, it is explosive. You profusely thank me for your significantly intense orgasm. You love me and how you cum for me.


BreeWritten By: Bree
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Keep Your Eyes On The Road

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Keep your eyes on the road as I play with your cock. I want you to feel my hand rubbing you over your jeans until your cock is almost popping out of your zipper. I want you to feel me stroking it slowly until you’re fully erect. Feel as my lips are wrapped around it so tight. Feel me gagging, having my eyes water as I shove every last inch down my throat. The faster you drive, the more it excites me.

I can feel my pussy soaking through my lace panties tasting that pre-cum that I crave so much. With one hand on the wheel and the other gripping my hair, you thrust deep into my throat feeling your cock throb as you cum. I feel your hot load trickle down the back of my throat as I lick my lips making sure I’ve swallowed every last bit.

Take your sweet Macy out for a ride and I’ll show you just how fast I can make you cum.


MacyWritten By: Macy


The Truth About Me

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Have you ever wondered what I am doing while we are chatting on the phone? Well, I’m about to tell you. I hope you can handle the truth…

I am usually lying in bed. I have a king size bed with a big white down blanket. It’s the most comfortable spot in my house. What I’m wearing may differ slightly, but I’m usually in a pretty set of panties (I prefer tiny little thongs) and bra – or no bra at all. I don’t like to wear heavy clothes while I’m talking with you. I want easy access to all of my softest parts, I want my fingers to be able roam freely over all of my skin, clothing just gets in the way.

Now this is a very important part, pay attention… when I ask you what you like to do to women, or what you would like to do to me if I were with you, or even what you would like me to do to you, I really am truly interested in what you have to say. Your stories, your ideas, your thoughts, they get me turned on too – but I deny myself the pleasure of really touching myself until you actually call me. Do you want to know why? Because you earned my orgasm, a real, true, deep, throbbing orgasm. You’ve talked to me. You’ve told me what you like, what you don’t like. You told me what you’d love for me to do to you. So when you call me, you deserve to hear me rubbing my wet pussy right along with you. You deserve to hear my moans as I reach that climax with you. You deserve to hear my voice catch as I go over the edge with you. That orgasm is yours. You made that happen to me. You made me the happiest girl on the planet, right in that one moment.

So when you tell me what you want to do to me, when you paint that picture for me, please know that orgasm belongs to you. I need that release just as much as you do. 

So there you go. Now you know the truth. Can you handle it?

Written By: Aimee
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Fantastic Together

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Your desire for passionate but adventuresome sex matches my desires. You’re an intelligent, sexy, sophisticated man who enjoys the finer things in life. You have an appreciation for the good things. You enjoy the company of a beautiful, classy lady.

That is why you and I are so good together. You’re thoughtful and generous. You appreciate my ample curves, my long legs, and smoldering eyes. You find me intoxicating. I want you. Your kisses are so intense that I find them to be the most powerful aphrodisiac.

You appreciate the fine lines around my eyes. There is wisdom in those eyes. You find mature woman erotic. Like a fine wine, I just gets better with age. With me, you have the stamina of teenager and you make feel like a love-sick school girl.

Together we are fantastic together. Feeding off of each other’s sexual energy, building and building the intense sensations that one can only experience during great sex. Difficult to describe the feelings, but why spend time analyzing when we could be enjoying a fantastic, perfect night!



Written By: AvaAva
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Staying In

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Happy Halloween little ones!

Since your Mommy Sandra went out last night until the wee hours of the morning to a Halloween Bash, I’m not in the mood to go Trick or Treating tonight. How about we stay in!

I know you’re sad about not getting free candy but I will make it up to you and give you yummy treats your mouth has been savoring. 

We’ll start by watching a scary movie under the covers. It might get a little intense but no worries little one, you can hold onto Mommy Sandra and I will keep you safe. You can snuggle up into my big breasts. 

The best part will be my hand wrapped around your shaft, making you pre-cum all over Mommy’s hand. We can skip the rest of the gory movie and go into my room and make our own Halloween memories. 



Written By: Sandra
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Katie’s Sexy Halloween Dream

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                How is a girl supposed to sleep with Halloween on Sunday?  I am so excited for this year because my parents are out of town all weekend. My friends and I have the best plans and they begin on Saturday! You can imagine why it is so hard to sleep. Maybe if I play with my little pussy and cum super hard I will be able to sleep. I love touching my tiny, tight little body. It feels so good.

Now what is going on? I hear all these party noises downstairs, but I am the only one home. I should be scared but my daddy always said I was fearless. I grab Teddy for protection and look over the balcony. Who are these people?

They’re all in the coolest Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen.  They’re dancing, laughing and they seem to really be into kissing people’s necks. Well this is pretty odd, but so exciting.  Just watching them is making my pussy wet again. Maybe if I just finger my soft, wet pussy again, I will get sleepy.  I mean, I know this is all a silly dream. There really aren’t monster’s in my house.

Hot breath on my soft neck? What… I mean who is behind me? He whispers to me how soft and pretty I am. He tells me I smell so good. I should be scared, but he sounds so hot. He rips off my baby doll nighty and begins to lick my back.  His cold, big hand is between my legs now. If this is a dream, please don’t let me wake up!


KatieWritten By: Katie
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Want to know a Secret?

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I love the holidays so much!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I can never decide which is my favorite.  This year I have planned a quiet night with just one special guy. I have been hiding a certain side of me for months. Isn’t Halloween the perfect time to let your freaky side show? Our fucking has been better than I could even imagine, but this there’s this little thing, or maybe I should say big thing.

I have it all planned out. A quiet dinner, drinks and some Nina Simone to set the mood. After we have eaten, danced, and kissed a bit. It will be time.

The lights are dim and I blindfold him. I kiss him all over and nibble a bit on his cock and balls. I know I will hear a sexy moan when my tongue begins rimming his asshole. He begs me to let him lick my pussy. When I bring it to his hungry mouth, he sees my big surprise. His hand grasps it and he begins to suck my girl cock for all it’s worth. 

He’s on his back on my bed. I am laying on him, teasing him with my hard cock rest against his. I look up at him and say “Tell me what you want”? His hand grabs my cock again, and he guides it into his tight, virgin ass.  

                         A few drinks to relax on this Halloween and all my naughty secrets will be exposed. 



TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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Halloween is when the evil comes out to play!

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                    Come on, follow me! You know you fucking want to.

You’re late on your route and it’s 10 pm by the time you deliver my package. You can’t take your eyes off of me. You’re even thinking you are imaging me. It’s been a long week for you.

I invite you in and offer you a drink. Just a bottle of water is all you want. I give you your water, and a little something more. You feel a little dizzy, but excited. You have no idea what’s happening to you. Where did all the young, adorable dancing girls come from? 

As quickly as they appeared, they’re gone. I look into your eyes and ask you why you are here? You look so confused. I hand you something that looks like a contract.

The girls are back again, but this time nude. You feel like you’re losing your mind. They hiss at you to sign it, and  tell you then the real fun will begin.

You’re helpless now.

You follow us up the long staircase. Fuck, you would follow us anywhere. 

You see that you aren’t our only victim. You notice the adorable little girls aren’t exactly girls. You have never sucked a cock before. They’re walking towards you. Their cocks are so big for such tiny girl bodies. You can’t help yourself, you reach out for the flat chested little blonde. You’re shaking, you can’t, but you have too!

                         Halloween is when the evil comes out to play!


MalayaWritten By: Malaya Maxxx
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Seductively Seducing Ashlee

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Sometimes I like to take things real slow and take my time to seductively seduce you. It’s not that hard to make you want me in every possible way. Especially, when you come home from a long day and you find me sitting in your big leather chair barely wearing anything. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

I get up from your chair so you can sit down to relax and admire my body. I kneel between your knees unzipping your pants. Soft kisses are given up and down your swollen cock. My wet tongue nibbles all the way up your thick mushroom head. I look up and your head is tilted back with your eyes closed.

We’re both in complete relaxation.

I slide your hard cock between my big tits rubbing your swollen head on my hard nipples. I soon climb up on top of you wrapping my arms around your neck planting kisses on you. I wiggle around on your lap so you can find my special spot. My pussy starts to drip wanting you so bad. I want you to devour my hot pussy, and all I could do is whisper in your ear and tell you how bad I need you.

AshleeWritten By: Naughty Ashlee
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Matching Lingerie

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Your Mommy Morgan knows that you have a special fascination with wearing pretty things, just like Mommy. You have a collection of Mommy’s panties hidden in your room.

You come home one afternoon to find a special pink box with a big red bow waiting for you on your bed. You open it up and find sexy white lingerie, just like Mommy’s.

You are thrilled that Mommy knows your secret. You blush when she walks into your bedroom wearing her new white lingerie. She helps you out of your boy clothes and helps you into the white corset, panties and stockings.

You both stand in the mirror gazing at your reflection. You look so beautiful. Mommy Morgan gives you a big hug and a kiss. It is going to be a very special night for the two of us.



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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My Little Pain Slut

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It’s Friday! Time for your weekly Cock and Ball Torture Session.

I’m feeling horribly wicked today, so be prepared to have yourself pushed beyond your limits tonight.

Go get ready for our session. Present your naked ass to me! Do not keep me waiting! Have your toys ready and your balls tied for me! Make sure they’re tied tight or suffer the consequences.

My nipple clamps are ready to inflict pain to your nipples. I know how it makes your cock ache when I abuse your nipples.

I purchased a new cane. Last session, I broke it on your ass cheeks. My cane doesn’t make much noise so it doesn’t drown out your groans as each sharp thrash strikes your flesh.

You beg for mercy when I slap the tops of your thighs. It makes you truly feel submissive when you beg and the cane leaves bright pink stripes on your skin.

Once I beat and abuse you into a deep submissive state, I focus on your cock and balls. You stand with your hands bound behind your back and your legs secured with a spreader bar. I make your cock hard with a few licks and a little tickle to your tied balls. First pleasure, then pain!

That first crack of the ruler against your hard cock. Ten Spanks, each one is a little harder than the previous one. You’re in a state of limbo. You’re in that grey area of pain vs. pleasure. You whine and moan. You’re experiencing both ecstasy and agony at the exact same time. You don’t know if you’re pleading for mercy or for more torture.

Finally, after a long session of edging, I allow you to have one fantastic orgasm for me. You’re always such a good little pain slut for me.


KokoWritten By: Mistress KoKo
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I Like Being Watched

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I know that I am a peeping tom’s dream come true. I love to walk around my house and back yard naked. I will do it on purpose. I want to be watched. It gets me off.

I have this one neighbor who watches me. I don’t know if he knows that I know, but I know! And I love it. I love knowing that he rubs his cock while watching me get naked, or watching me take a shower, and watching me playing with myself.

Sometimes he will even get to watch me get fucked. I am sure that he loves those days. Summer time is the best time to watch me. That’s when I will walk outside naked so I can lay out in the sun and get a nice relaxing tan.

Don’t you just wish you were my neighbor? I know you’d be trying to watch me all the time.


Written By: Heidi
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Bedroom Picnic For Three

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My neighbors are hot, sexy, and very fucking loud. I hear them constantly through the rather thin walls of my townhome, not that I’m complaining. They’re an absolutely stunning couple. She seems to be quite a bit older than her partner. I am loving that! 

When ever I see them in the courtyard, my mind wanders to the dirtiest of places. I wonder what they would think if they knew how many times I have gotten off to their sexy sounds?

Last night we had a huge storm and the power went in our neighborhood. Everyone went outside to check on what was happening. My neighbor was in the tiniest sleep shorts I’ve ever seen. Her ass was magnificent! 

Her male lover took my hand and suggested I join them for a midnight candlelight picnic in their big bed.

Looks like tonight I will be doing more than listening!

CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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