I Could Sure Use Some Company

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Wouldn’t it be perfect if you called me right now? I took a long, lazy, hot shower, but I resisted the urge to pleasure my sweet pussy. Do you want to know why, lover? I need a little company, a sexy male voice to help me get off. 

My girlfriends have left for work and it will be just you and me getting as loud as we want.  I purchased some new toys and am so ready to use them. First though, I want to take my time and use body oil on my gorgeous, toned body. It feels so good to just take my time. I rub some on my tits, and over my hard nipples. Fuck, am I getting excited. 

        Sucking on my dildo, I can taste myself from last night. I’m getting so wet and creamy.  I’m so ready that my hips are moving as though you’re fucking me. Maybe just slide my  rubber cock in-between my tits.  God, I need the real thing now!

                                                                              Hurry, or I will start and finish without you! 


DaphneWritten By: Dirty Daphne
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Jealous And Horny

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        I have a bit of a problem today, and I am steaming mad. The problem is, that when I am mad, I get so horny! Okay, I guess that really isn’t a problem but still! You wonder what has me so mad? I will tell you.

       During the Summer my 2 besties had something happen to them. That something was, they got bigger tits.   Now here am I with my adorable little tent tits. One of the boys called me Tent Tits Girl, and it really hurt my feelings..  My friends said the reason they are getting so big is sex. What? Sex makes your tits grow?   

          I don’t really have any toys, but I snagged my mom’s. She has daddy, so I really don’t know why she needs a toy. Maybe if I fuck myself hard enough, and pull on my nipples, I will get bigger.   I did that for days, even several times a day. No change at all, but now all I want to do is fuck myself with mommy’s toy.

      It doesn’t seem to make my tits any bigger.    Maybe a need a real live dick in my pussy? Looks out the window to see that Mr. H is home.  I know just what to do!

Pleasing My Pussy

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I want my pussy worshiped everyday. I don’t mean just a couple of licks, I want every part of my pussy worshiped from front to back and left to right. I want you to take care of me and eat me like it was your last meal you’re ever going to eat.

Your mouth will begin to water once I bend over for you and reveal my hot, pink pussy from behind. I’ll teach you exactly how I want my pussy worshiped and you won’t stop until I am completely satisfied and cum is dripping between my thighs.

I can be a submissive woman but when it comes to pleasing my pussy, I become a dominant bitch who gets what she wants.


MacyWritten By: Macy


Spankings Make Me Creamy

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This naughty girl just so happens to love it when you bend me over your knee and push down my sexy little panties around my ankles.

I had the hottest time last night with a new caller who told me how naughty I was and that he needed to spank me. I just smiled and licked my sexy lips while he stripped my tiny thong off. He got so hard when he slapped my hot cheeks and realized just how creamy it was making me.

“Chloe you are a very naughty girl” he said over and over again.

I finally did what any naughty girl would do and climbed up on him, spreading my long, sexy legs over him. I teased his cock with my creamy, tight slit. I felt his shaft harden even more when I rubbed his swollen mushroom head over my swollen clit. He couldn’t take it any longer, he needed my pussy so bad.

I looked him right in the eyes and slid that raging cock deep inside my creamy pussy. It felt so good bouncing on his hard shaft, so good in fact, that I couldn’t stop. I moaned and begged for every inch. I got just what I wanted before creaming on his cock like a naughty girl.

Do you think I need more spankings? I think I just might and maybe you can be the one to come give them to me.

Written By: Chloe
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Late Night Lover

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It’s late and my thoughts of you invade my mind. The sex between us was so incredibly amazing that I can’t get you out of my head. I keep masturbating when I think of how many times that you made me cum last time.

 I take a chance and send you a text asking if you’re free tonight. You respond back that you are. Your response makes my heart race and pussy ache for your attention.

I know you’re craving the taste of me inside your mouth and the feel of me around your hard, throbbing cock.  

I slip into my sexy lingerie and get ready for you. I feel my panties getting really wet.

I lay in my bed and slip a finger inside of me, so anxious, I start playing (just a little) without you. I send you a second text, telling you the door is open and I’m really wet and waiting for you in my bedroom. Hurry, lover!



Written By: Aimee
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Office Tease

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I’m the tease at work who won’t give you a chance. Everyday my skirts keep getting a little shorter and a little bit tighter.

You find the need to adjust yourself when I walk by your desk. You can smell my sexy intoxicating perfume and it drives you wild!

When you go home to your boring life, you can’t help but to think about my sexy curves. You take out the holiday party photos of me, you find yourself taking down your pants, and stroke your cock to my sexy body.

You desperately wish I was there watching you jerk off. You even imagine me right there while you shoot your hot load of cum all over me.

The next day at the office, you see me and act very casual but in your head you just want to rip my clothes off, lift me up, wrap my legs around you, and slide my pussy onto your throbbing dick.

Do you think I’m the office slut that will finally give you what you’ve been longing for? One way to find out- 1-866-224-4765





Written By: Jayme
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Slip Into Something More Comfortable

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You and I are settling in for the night. I’m lying in bed in my bra and panties, waiting for you. You ask if I’m ready for a surprise. I giggle and say yes. You come out in a corset and thong. You seem to be treating it as a joke but I kind of like it. Your body has never looked so good. Even in the lingerie, you look so strong.

My eyes traveling up and down your body has caused and obvious bulge in the front of your panties. Instead of taking it all off, you climb onto the bed. My thighs part as you move in between them. The feel of your silk wrapped cock makes my pussy so wet.

Your tongue goes into my mouth as you continue to grind against me. I let my hand travel down your body and stroke you. You’re rock hard and more than ready.

I slip your dick out as you move my panties to the side. My hands travel up your corset as your cock moves inside of me. You smile at me as you begin to slip inside my dripping pussy.

What started out as kinky fun, quickly turned into passionate heat. Your movements get faster and deeper. I start pressing up against you. We both become frenzied and the room smells of sex. Orgasm after orgasm washes over me.

You finally pull out and shoot your cum all over both our panties. We’re both a sticky mess and completely satisfied. 


AnnaWritten By: Anna
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Full Service Blowjob Queen

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 I have come to realize that no matter what fetishes a guy is into, and no matter what kind of wicked and nasty fantasies they may have; the one thing every guy wants is a girl who knows how to swallow his cock.

Look at my lips. My mouth is designed for sucking dick. I have absolutely no gag reflex and can take a cock right down the back of my throat, no problem. I absolutely would love for you to put your dick down my throat and put your hands on the back of my head and fuck my face exactly how you want too.

I’ll nurture and tease your cock with my lips and tongue. Whether it be slow and long strokes or fast, deep pumps, either way, I’ll take every inch of your cock down my hungry throat. I’m a full service blowjob queen that knows exactly what every guy wants and needs.

 I want to make sure you cum right in my mouth so I can roll that cum around on my tongue and play with it, savor it, and enjoy every last delicious drop of it.

My tastebuds and I are salivating in anticipation of your hot load.




HarleyWritten By: Harley
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Taboo Fantasies

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I know all about your secret fetish and the fantasies you have.  You share them with me because you know I’m extremely kinky, just like you. We never judge one another. I guess you know how hot it makes my aching pussy when we share taboo fantasies.

I’m the kind of slut who likes it all and I mean everything. You never really have to worry about telling me what makes your cock hard because you know I have the same perverted mind.

I have many kinky stories to share with you. No matter what sort of fetish or fantasy your dirty mind has concocted, I’ll be your little slut so willing to please you.

You know I crave all your jizz, and I will leave you completely drained and always satisfied.


Written By: Payton
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I’m a Bad Girl

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Being a good girl can only get you so far, sometimes being bad can take you where you really want to go. I like being naughty and sassy, it gets me in trouble and sometimes being in trouble can be so much fun. I like when I get the punishment that is coming to me, whether it be a spanking or a cock stuffed in my tight holes.

I bet you love bad girls just so you can take them over your knee and spank them and let them know who the boss really is. The funny thing is, I’m always the boss and I’m always in control.

When you’re taking me over your knee, I’m grinning and happy. I have you eating right out of the palm of my hand and doing exactly what I want. Trust me, if I don’t want a spanking, I don’t get one. Lucky for you, I like a good spanking.

Give me a call and let’s find out just how bad I can get for you.


CharlieWritten By: Charlie
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Sweet as Candy

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Have you ever seen such a sweet pussy? Does it make your mouth water? I really need my pussy licked.

Get on your knees for me. I spread my legs wide, giving you plenty of room to play. I can’t wait to feel your hot tongue teasing my clit. I love the way you look into my eyes while your tongue is dipping into my tight hole. I reach down and spread my lips for you, helping you go deeper. I love to be tongue fucked.

I grab the back of your head, shoving your face even deeper You lap up all my sweet juices. I drape my legs over your shoulders, locking you in. I grind against your face, using you. You beg me to cum in your face. You start rubbing your face back and forth, losing control, and making me crazy.

In no time, I am flooding your face with my cum. You lick my quivering pussy clean. You rise above me. Now it’s your turn. I can’t wait to return the favor.


GingerWritten By: Ginger
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You Control Me

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You’re a strong and powerful man. You have a very dominating tone in your voice that makes my heart beat faster, my pussy throb, and my panties wet.

I just want to please you.

Normally, I’m in charge. I make every man lust for me but you’re different though, you pull me in. You put nipple clamps on my big tits, and spank and fuck me any way you want me. You make me spread my legs for you and give me intense orgasms by spanking my pussy. You’ve trained me to be the ideal naughty submissive girl for you.

You control me completely.



BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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Mommy Makes You Feel Safe

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I’m always telling you that you’re the man of the house, except when there’s a thunderstorm, you hate when it’s storming outside. 

Last night we had a bad summer storm and you were frightened. You needed comfort, so your bare feet scampered across the cold hardwood floors to reach my bedroom door. You put your hand on the doorknob just as a big crash of thunder seemed to echo through you. You threw open the door, ran right to my bed and jumped under Mommy’s covers.

You tried not to wake me, but I rolled over against you. You were astonished to realize that Mommy was naked under those covers. I pulled you close to me. I gave you a little kiss on your forehead and you went right to sleep with my big breasts in your face. You nuzzled into me, feeling safe and secure. You fell asleep with a smile on your face and hard cock in your underwear. 



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Seducing a Married Man

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I can’t tell you how sexy it makes me feel to wait for you in nothing but my strappy little heels ready to seduce you. I know you’re married that doesn’t bother me at all, I mean it’s not like that’s my problem. Besides, I never kiss and tell when we fool around and you know this.

I’m your hot, blonde slut that does all the things your wife wont. Even the way I sensually seduce you and lure you into my bed night after night.  Slide down between your legs and devour your married cock with my hungry, slutty mouth. You know you can’t resist your little sex kitten Gracie. My perfect, hot pussy is waiting for you. Let me please your cock just like the last time.


Written By: Gracie
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Don’t Make A Fucking Sound

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             Do you hear the window glass shattering? Someone is breaking into my house. It seems like your mommy picked a terrible night to have me babysit. He’s walking up the stairs to the bedrooms. Don’t make a fucking sound! If he finds you, he’ll do terrible things to your sweet, fragile, young body. 

   He’s singing a very odd song, “My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night?” She’s so scared she’s trembling and the little cunt just pissed her pants. I can hear his breath at the door.

I open the door, then leave the room. I go to change into my bondage gear and bring with me chains, floggers, and rope. Might as well make the best of a fucked up situation.

               Back in the room, he has already cut off her clothes. Fuck, would you just look at that! He wants to rape her, I want to torture her. Over a bit of powder, we come to an agreement. I put on a bit of “I Spit On Your Grave”, to get the cunt juices flowing. I’m going to savor fucking up this little bitch.


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Lucky You

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  I’ve always been a girl who loves to sleep. My friends are so jealous because I can sleep through anything. I’m not shy either as we all sometimes fart in our sleep, and my farts smell wonderful!

                 After a big dinner of Texas Chili and a few beers, I was just full of my sweet perfume farts. It was getting late and I had a big day ahead of me and I fell asleep fast. I have my roommate coming in for the night, but fell right back to sleep. He’s a bit of a perv, but I don’t mind. If he  wants to lick my sweet ass while I sleep, who am I to complain? 

The sun was coming through the curtains, telling me it’s time to rise for the day. Oh, I’m feeling a stirring in my tummy. I race to the restroom, but the roommate stops me in the hallway. Oh man, it’s going to come out and on the white carpet. Our landlord will kill me!

                What is he doing? He lays on the carpet and tells me to squat over him. Oh god, here it comes all over him. 

I feel so much better, but now I’m so fucking horny and messy.

I jump in the shower and invite him in with me. I need a good ass fucking now! 

I bend over and he slams his dick into my dirty ass. Oh no, I’m not quite finished yet, I guess. We both explode at the same time in a mess of hot cum, and hot, messy shit.


WritteDelaneyn By: Delaney
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Little Girls With Big Secrets

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                    Back in school already. Seems like summer came and went too fast. I’m so happy to see my friends and soon it will be Halloween. This summer was the best ever.

We all got together at lunch. We talked about the summer, boys, and how hot our new Science teacher is. I could tell though, that things seemed different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something was up.

We all grew up together since we were little and told each other everything. I did promise my special man friend, I wouldn’t tell my friends about him. I wondered what sort of secrets they had.

Normally we talk about what we’re going to do after school. Usually we go to the mall,  not today though. It seemed we all had somewhere to rush off too without the others. I told them I had a dentist appointment and they seemed to have appointments too.

               I could feel my heart just beating out of my chest from running so fast to his house.  I hate lying, but if they only knew, if my parents only knew, but it’s a secret!


PiperWritten By: Piper
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Nasty Girl

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It’s finally Friday! I’m so happy the weekend is here. I’m feeling like a very nasty girl today.

It’s been a long week and I need my cock sucked, and I need it bad. My balls are aching because I’ve not cum in a few days. I’ve got a big load for a very sexy bitch who loves to suck cock.

Just be prepared, I’m going to get nasty with you. I need someone with no limits and who can suck every inch of my cock. I’m craving a slut boy’s mouth around my thick shaft, just the thought of that mouth is making me throb.

If you do an extraordinary job sucking my cock, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful, big load of my cum in your ass.


DaniWritten By: Shemale Dani
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Window Washers Are Back

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      I’ve been house sitting all summer for this awesome family that lives in a huge high-rise building in the city. It’s so much fun to look out the tall windows and daydream about the city. Sadly, this is my last day, but there seems to be a sexy surprise hanging at the window. Oh wow!! It’s the window washers!

At first, I pretend not to see him. I just go about my business. I workout in front of window. Whew!!  It’s hot, so I decide to workout nude. Shouldn’t he be done with that window yet? He seems preoccupied. 

I go off to take my shower. I do love long, hot showers.

I’m back to my room and he is gone. I lotion my tight, little body and begin to get dressed. He’s back!

I love teasing men, but then I’m always the one to get horny. Giggles! He’s putting down his equipment in the platform. He’s taking out his cock and he begins to stroke it for me. Yes, all for little me. 

Now who is teasing who? You see, I’m very competitive. I climb on my bed and spread my legs and begin to rub my wet pussy. He’s stroking faster now and so am I.

He spurts it all over my window. I tease him and pretend to lick all the jizz off on my side. I do feel that was a terrible, sad waste of hot, sticky, creamy jizz.


AJWritten By: AJ
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Spanking Your Sissy Ass

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When was the last time you got a good spanking?

Look at you standing there in your little, lacey panties– you’re ass is begging for it. Bring your little sissy ass over here. I think you need a good, old-fashioned, over the knee spanking.

I pull you down across my thighs. You better not wiggle too much or you’ll fall off onto the floor. I pull your panties over your ass so that you’re totally exposed to me. I caress your ass a little first, letting my nails drag across that tender skin. I see your skin break out in goosebumps and feel your cock beginning to press against my thighs.

I raise my hand high and watch as you stiffen up, waiting for the blow. I let my palm hit hard. The little yelp you give makes my pussy wet. I do it again, and again, and again, making each slap harder.

You’re grunting now and starting to whimper a little. That doesn’t stop me. I want your little sissy faggot ass blistered! I keep slapping until I feel something wet on my thighs. I push you off and see your cum all over my thighs.

That’s a bad girl.


BambiWritten By: Bambi
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