Getting His Attention

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My boyfriend has been too busy with work, and leaving my pussy in need of his cock. I could complain or yell at him. Instead, I tell him that I understand that he is busy. I seem sympathetic, but I know how to get his attention and get him to fuck me with his big cock.

I show up at this house very early on a Sunday morning. I have a special surprise for him and something that will make him forget about everything else for the day.

I have everything that I need to get the job done. His house is secluded. I grab my bucket and everything else I need. I wash his car for him. I get very hot, wet, and soapy.

The sound of the running water catches his attention. He throws on a pair of shorts and comes out to the yard. He finds me in my sexiest bikini washing his car.

Now that I have his full attention and his cock rock hard, it is going to be a day of very naughty, sexy fun.

He grabs me, bends me over the hood of his wet car and gives me one hard hot fuck.


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Good Pussy Licking

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Lay down on the bed and close your eyes. I have a hot and creamy treat for you. You will have to work at it though. Are you prepared to work for your treat?

You feel movement above your face and the next thing you know something very sweet is rubbing against your hungry lips. When you open your eyes and look up, you see my wet pussy right there at your lips. I’m straddling you and rubbing my clit all over your face.

Just stick your tongue out so I can ride it. You know you want to taste my sweet juices, don’t you? I need a good pussy licking and I know you are the right guy for the job. 


Written By: Roxy
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I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

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I had a guy call this morning and I can’t stop thinking about him. He had this incredibly deep, sexy voice, the kind that just makes me melt. He wanted a GFE phone sex, although I can’t imagine a guy like him ever being without a female companionship, he was only concerned with my satisfaction.

His voice alone was enough to coax the orgasms from me but his descriptive words drove my fingers into a feverish frenzy. Now, I find myself wanting more, wishing he would call again.

We came together one final time before he wished me a good day. His succulent moans echo in my brain. My God! I have to go masturbate…again!



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Mommy Teaches You How To Be A Girl

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You have fun spending time with your Mommy Morgan.

I love to spoil you and make you feel so good. Sometimes we play dress-up. Girly things are so much more fun.  

I love to put your hair in pigtails and do your make-up. We go shopping for new panties, bras, and stockings. Like best girlfriends, we talk about boys and get our nails done. 

Learning how to suck cock, like a pretty girl, is a very special thing that Mommy teaches you. Mommy shares her boyfriend with you. He has a very hot, muscular body.

Mommy wants you to suck his big cock. Get down on your knees wearing your pink lingerie. Look up at him and smile with your big eyes. Softly moan so he knows that you’re enjoying the experience.

Be a good girl for Mommy and make him cum!  



Mommy MorganWritten By: Mommy Morgan
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Goddess Rainna

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I love playing with guys that know they are unworthy of me. All they want to do is worship me as their Goddess. They cater to my every need and whim.  They want to be my little fuck toy to use any way that I want.

I especially like that you know how to give me a proper tongue bath, licking and sucking all of my holes. You can admit that it’s the best thing your taste buds have ever experienced. Nothing gets me off better then a good ass slut that likes to tongue dive into my gorgeous asshole.

Next time you feel the need to worship a Goddess, get on your knees and dial my number.


RainnaWritten By: Rainna
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Harley and Mr. J Forever

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It’s been a long week already. Hasn’t it?  I bet you’re needing the exact same thing as me today. What’s that you wonder? Maybe you don’t wonder, because you know me so very well.  I’ve been thinking about you all day. I have picked out my outfit, and trust me it’s fucking sexy! 

I take a long shower making every inch of my body soft, clean and smooth. I quickly get dressed, then text you where I will be. I see you in the crowd, and you look amazing.

I can’t wait for that first kiss. I grab you hand and we duck into a dark alley. I push you against the wall and grind against you. Fuck! You feel so good. I bite the back of your neck and stroke your cock through your pants. You’re so hard for me.

  You push me away and then pin me against the wall. Yes, this is just what I have been needing and missing.


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Daddy’s Best Fuck

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Sugar and spice and everything nice! I am that bubbly and giggly little daddy’s girl that your cock is craving. The sweet and tiny little girl that is so innocent and naive and ready to do anything that daddy wants her to do. 

I think of daddy when I play with my wet, teen pussy. I think of all the naughty and nasty things daddy does to me and has me do to him.

I love roleplaying extreme age play fantasies. My screams and squeals will send chills through your cock. There is no limit to how young I can be and I love it nasty. Daddy has always told me that even though I am young, I am the best fuck his cock has ever experienced.

Lay back and let my tight, teen cunt slide down your fuck stick and drain your balls like they have never been drained before.


LibbyWritten By: Young lil Libby
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The Nastier The Better

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I might be young, but I’m very experienced in the deviant side of phone sex. I love it hard, fast, and raunchy. The nastier and dirtier the better. Pissing, fucking, fisting, anal, rape, torture, kidnapping, forced, gang bang, bukkakae, what the fuck ever.

Do you want to be the man next door who busts open the sweet little cherry of his favorite little girl in the neighborhood? How about making that bitch at work fall to her knees and gag on your cock while she struggles to break free from your grasp? Perhaps, you want something softer? Romantic? Anything you want, I can provide.


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Teasing Your Cock

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You want me bad, don’t you? I love making you crave every bit of me. Being with a little cock tease like me, always leaves you wanting more!

I bend over and give you a peek of my insatiable ass. I look back and see your cock starting to grow. I can’t help but bump against your crotch, feeling your stiffy against my ass.

I turn around and get on my knees. I take your cock and lick it a little, just enough to tease and get you all hot and bothered. You stand there, with your hand over that throbbing hard-on, wishing that I would let you cum. I plan to give you the most intense case of blue balls you will ever encounter.

Look at my tight, young ass as I grind against your bulge. Imagine what it would feel like if I actually let you fuck me. Tease and denial phone sex is by far one of my most favorite topics. I would love to make your cock ache for me! Call me for the best tease and denial phone sex and see what you have been missing out on all these years.


HannaWritten By: Horny Hanna
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Soft Mommy Tits

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I wake up to find you standing by the side of my bed watching me sleep. I have an early day tomorrow and I need to get back to sleep.

I pull the covers back and motion for you to join me. You sigh and say how much you love snuggling. You are spooning me and I can feel a bit of something going on in your pants. It feels so good, but I just won’t get any sleep if I feel that against me all night. 

I pull away from you and turn around. I see how you stare at my soft mommy tits when you think I am not looking. It’s okay, baby. Everyone loves soft mommy tits. I wrap my soft hand around your throbbing cock. I dribble a little warm saliva down my cleavage. I lay on my back, push my tits together, and invite you to fuck them. 


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Single and Available

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I hate to label myself as picky, but I am selective. I look for a certain set of qualities in someone and then there’s also the ever-elusive component of chemistry. So at the moment, I’m single. Sure, I have a couple guys who I can, without fail, text for a good, old fashioned booty call… but as soon as I’m done with them, they’re sent on their way.

I recently had a call with a guy who I had amazing chemistry with. It’s impossible to articulate just what makes that happen but it happened. As I laid there talking to him in my bed, my fingers rubbing little circles around my clit, I came more intensely than usual, and he did too.

It was such an amazing and erotic experience and I really want more. I want that connection, that chemistry. I just want you to know that I’m single and available and totally open to finding that certain something. Call me and let’s make some magic happen.



Written By: Adrianna
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Sugar Daddy

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Daddy, I want you to take me shopping for a new phone so I can take naughty pics of myself and send them to you. I need new clothes as well. I want to be the sexiest girl at school. I want really short skirts and tight tops. You’re probably going to get a lot of calls from my  principal about me breaking dress code, but you’ll take care of him. You just pay him some money and tell him to let me dress any way that I want.

Also, I want the prettiest little Victoria Secret’s panties. I will let you sniff them when they’re dirty. Maybe even when I’m wearing them. I’m such a tease.

Maybe at the mall, you can help me with the zippers and the buttons in the dressing room. We can get super naughty and play in there. I love to model my sexy new clothes for you.

You know I always take care of you in the naughtiest of ways when you get me back home. When we’re behind closed doors, it’s my turn to make you feel special and spoil you!

Every girl loves her special Sugar Daddy!


KimmieWritten By: Kimmie
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Arsenic, Ice, And Nothing Nice

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     Growing up my parents always told me that I was a very strange child, with my black hair, and pale skin.  They basically ignored me till the day daddy caught me playing with my dolls. That was the day he began paying so much more attention to me.

               I made little whips, and strap-ons for my female dolls.  I stripped all the boy dolls, tied them up in various ways then put the whips in the girl dolls little hands.  They all looked so cute.  When ever I played like this, I could feel a wetness between my legs. What was that about? 

Phone sex daddy asked me if he could play dolls with me. I guess maybe daddy felt bad and was trying to get closer to his baby girl? First, we had a special tea party and then we began to play. Daddy asked me if I ever wanted a life size boy doll to play with. Can you imagine that he wanted me to do the things to him, that were being done to my male dolls. 

As you now can see, I was made to be a Dominatrix.  From the time I was a wee girl with my dolls to now, my aim in life is to have a lovely basement full of men to torture, and fuck. Delicious!


Lady RayneWritten By: Lady Rayne
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What’s For Dinner, Daddy?

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I always run home right from school on the days daddy is home early. Daddy loves to bake and cook, and the kitchen always smells amazing when I get home. I can already smell something yummy as soon as I open the door.  I smell freshly baked cornbread, garlic, herbs, and butter.  OH!!!  Is daddy making his delicious cornbread stuffed chicken?

Phone sex daddy is happy to see me. He hands me a glass of apple juice and we chat about my day at school. Mommy hugs me and tells me she’s so glad I didn’t go to the library and skip dinner.

Daddy got something special for me. Is it body butter? It feels amazing on my skin. Odd though because it smells like garlic and real butter.

Daddy tells me to strip and to let him check to make sure my body is hairless.  Daddy is acting odd, and mommy is drooling at the smells. I’m so confused and about to ask. Before I could, daddy pushes an apple in my mouth.  He puts me on the table and begins to truss me.

Ha, ha daddy! The joke is over. I want to pull out the apple, but I am now fully trussed. I begin to cry.  Mommy yells at me to stop, as dinner will be too salty.  Oh no, into the oven I go!

I love my callers! They have the best imagination, and we have so much fun together.


KatieWritten By: Katie
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Mommy Fantasies

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I couldn’t think of a better day for a Mommy fantasy role-play on Mothers Day!

I know you have thought about it, and it’s perfectly natural. What man hasn’t been aroused at the thought of your mother, friends mom, aunt, teacher, or even your babysitter. 

It’s very arousing for you to think about hot taboo sex with a woman more mature than yourself. Someone who would take charge, guide, teach, stroke, coddle, and caress you. Only a mother like me knows how too. 

This is your day to unleash all your hidden fantasies. There is a very special kind of love waiting for you on the other end of the phone right now.


Written By: Bunny
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The Job Interview

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You are hiring a new secretary. Your last girl got extremely lazy. You want to make sure your new secretary is effective but hot.

Actually, you want to have the sexiest secretary in the company.

I apply for the job.

You ask me the following questions during my job interview:

“Do you have what it takes to excel at this company?”

“What are your best assets?”

“Are you willing to work long hours and be willing do what it takes to get the job done to my complete satisfaction?”

“Do you have fantastic oral skills?”

I open up my sweater. You become mesmerized by my big, bountiful breasts and beg me to be your new secretary.

Now, lets talk about my pay!


SkylarWritten By: Skylar
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I Will Drain You

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You’re always on my mind, but right now, all I can think about is your hot, creamy cum. I won’t be satisfied until I am covered and your balls are completely drained. Is there anything hotter than a sexy, tan body covered in cum?

I’m going to use my mouth, hands, pussy, and ass to take what I want from you. You have no idea how nasty your girl can be when she wants something. I learned a long time ago how to play dirty and just what men like. I will drain you. Let’s see how many times we can make you cum.




Written By: Nicole
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Friendly Neighbors

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You and I are very, very friendly neighbors. We always have a good time pleasuring each other. 

You’re home working today. From my living room window, I can see you working at the computer in your home office. Everything has been so crazy busy that we have not had much of an opportunity to have any of our naughty fun.

Your kids are in school and your wife is at work. I think it’s time for a very friendly neighborly visit this afternoon.

I quickly send you a text. I send just three simple words, “How are you?” Three simple words are code for, “You got time to fuck me right now?”

I watch you from my window. I see you pick up your phone. You read my message and smile. You look over towards my house. You see me standing in the window. I slowly start to take off my clothes in front of the window, so you can watch.

You send a text. “I will be right over. Get naked and meet me at your backdoor!”




BrynnaWritten By: Brynna
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Shoes and Sex Toys

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Two things a single girl can not live without, shoes and sex toys. Well at least for me, anyways. Those are defiantly a couple of my biggest joys in life and you know I can never seem to get enough of either. Just like cock. I can never can get enough of that as well.

 I went shopping at this kinky adult book store and found a fuck treasure I simply couldn’t do without. Then I went to this trendy shoe boutique and got some really sexy fuck me heels.

I was thinking it would be really hot if I put on my new stripper heels and give you a really hot strip tease. Then who knows where that can lead too.

I would love to show you all my treasures!



Written By: Victoria
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Daddy Has A Crush

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               I was daydreaming about when I was away at college and my visits home.  High school and college were such exciting times for me. I had so much fun and partied so much, that it was a miracle I got such excellent grades. I normally dated smart boys, but fucked the cool ones. Daddy always seemed so curious when I brought home a new boy.

          Back then I had several fuck boys, but my favorite was Sam. Tall, muscled, and a jock.  Him and daddy would talk for hours.  It didn’t occur to me then, but I think daddy had a thing for my Sammy. 

       My second night home, Sam and I had a long fuck session. I kept getting interrupted by what I thought was someone at the door. I was right, daddy had his ear to my bedroom door.  I ignored it and went back to fucking Sam.  

Later that night when Mom, and Sam were asleep, I texted phone sex daddy. I told him I heard him at my door and I have a little treat for my naughty daddy. I laid on my tummy and spread my ass cheeks wide. “Daddy, Sam came in my ass and you need to lick me clean”, I whispered. I didn’t have to tell him twice. Looks like me and daddy are about to take our daddy/daughter relationship to the max!


CaidynWritten By: Caidyn Cross
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