Cum Slut Mommy

RainnaI’m one of those MILFs that owns being a MILF. I love being wanted and desired, especially by my son’s friends! There just something about the way they shift uncomfortably when I enter the room in my little skimpy outfits. My son is used to his sexy Mommy now, so he doesn’t mind the attention his friends give me. He doesn’t mind if I invite them over while he’s gone to his Dad’s either. I take advantage of that a lot.

Just last weekend, I had 5 of his friends over. They knew the drill and it was a very naked night. They each took their turn with me and then ganged up on me in the end. I love a younger cock and having five at a time was even better! There wasn’t an inch of my body inside or out that wasn’t covered in cum.

Mommy Rainna is a cum slut and I love it best when they pull out of my pussy and ass and shot their sticky loads all over my face and tits. I need a few days to recover, but the weekend is coming up and I could use another sleep over with the boys.


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