Happy Wife. Happy Life.

  Happy Wife, Happy Life. Or so you think?
You wonder why your wife has been so happy lately. Could it be the flowers you surprised her with last week or taking her to her favorite restaurant? Oh wait….. maybe the smile on her face has nothing to do with you.
Do you honestly think you can satisfy her with your 6 1/2 inch cock?
Get a clue! Your wife is fucking big cock, twice the size of yours.
She knew on your wedding day, while standing at the alter, looking into your sad, pathetic eyes, she was lying to you while giving her vows. She always knew your cock would never make her happy for the rest of her life.
When she calls you and says she might be a little late for dinner or another night out with the girls, she’s getting stuffed by big cock. You may even wonder why some nights while going down on her, she’s extra creamy. It’s because you’re eating another mans cum.
 Your only 2 options is to stroke your little dick thinking about her getting fucked by a real man or watching her in action. You wouldn’t want to disturb her happy life, would you?


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