School is in session little boys!

As I look out across the room at my students I know all the teen boys in the class are wishing they had a mommy as sexy as me.  Nothing turns me on more than to walk down the classroom aisles and casually brush against whatever beefcake of a stud teen I want to, teasing them.  I crave them all!  The nerds for their brains, the jocks for their lean tight bodies, the woodshop guys for their ability to use their hands and the bandboys for the awesome way they make my pussy throb with their musical abilities.  So many young cocks and I have the attention of every single one of them during my class.  I love using my body and my voice to fuck with their raging teen hormones.

While teaching the subject on my lesson plan is never what I am thinking about.  Instead I am fantasizing about climbing up on my desk and letting my class run one huge gangbang on me.  Or I think about being their cheerleader after the big football gang.  Sneaking in to the lockerroom and giving them their real prize trophy, ME!

Don’t believe for one minute all I do is fantasize.  There is always some hot teen boy with testosterone overflowing from his balls that is bold enough to flirt back.  Or of course occasionally one of those dumb jocks is failing my class and is about to be kicked from the team if he doesn’t find a way to earn his “A”.  I am no pushover, he has to work really HARD to get a good grade from my pussy!

School is always in session!  Lets play!

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