My Daddy Bought Me a Stripper Pole

For my birthday my phone sex daddy bought me a stripper pole!

I came home from school and daddy was waiting there with a blindfold in his hand. He told me to put it on and he guided me upstairs. He lifted the blindfold from my eyes and I saw a shiny gold stripper pole in my bedroom. I was super excited and ran to it and wrapped my long legs around the pole.

Daddy loves going to strip clubs and since we live in Vegas, there’s tons of them. He said he was spending tons of money on strippers and would rather see his sexy little phone sex daughter in front of him than some coke whore.

My birthday gift has added so much more excitement to our lives. Daddy went out and bought me all these hot stripper clothes and stiletto heels. It took me a little bit to walk in them, but now I’m a pro.

I’ve been having a lot of sleepovers and they’re so much fun! Daddy likes to have a contest of who can give the hottest and & sexiest lap dance. My brother is the DJ and plays awesome music on his laptop. I won’t tell you what we get if we win the contest, I’ll save that for our call. But what I can say…it’s very rewarding!



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