Me First

I’m a generous woman and I love to give, but sometimes it needs to be about me first. I know your cock is already hard and throbbing, but before I take it I want you to get my pussy ready to receive it. I’m going to put my pretty pussy right there on your mouth. Stick out your tongue and let me grind my clit into it. I can’t describe how amazing a wet tongue swirling around the folds of my aching cunt feels. I want to feel your tongue sink deep inside of me. I want you to tell me how good my pussy smells and how sweet my juices taste. I want you to hold my body down as I’m cumming and open your mouth wide to swallow it all in. When I’m on my back catching my breath, mount me. It’s your turn to tell me what you want.


NoelleWritten By: Noelle
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