Libby Needed To Be Punished!

I’ve been a sassy girl lately and my step-dad had enough of my mouth. My mom was gone for the weekend and he was done taking it from me. It was time for my lesson. He grabbed my arm and pulled me over his knee. Since I wasn’t wearing panties, my ass was bared to him.

The first slap made my eyes tear up and I was begging him to stop. He liked hearing me beg and kept spanking my ass hard. As much as it hurt, I could feel his hard cock pressing into my tummy and my pussy started to get wet. I couldn’t wait to masturbate thinking about this later.

He pushed me back on to my feet, but instead of letting me go to my room, he bent me over the arm of the couch. He wasn’t done punishing my teen ass yet. He made me beg him to fuck it. I looked over my shoulder and begged for his cock. He lubed it up and fucked me raw. He practically screamed when he squirted all of his sticky jizz in my little asshole. He pulled away and had me sit on his lap. He made me promise that I would be a good girl for now on, but I could feel his cock twitch at the thought of me being bad again.


LibbyWritten By: Young lil Libby
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