I Hurt My Little Girl Part

I love gymnastics! I guess what I mean to say is I love my instructor, and the way my body feels when he is guiding me. Mr. John has these huge hands, and they feel so rough on my tiny, soft body. My phone sex daddy strokes his big cock while I tell him about my gymnastics class.

I was using the parallel bars when I slipped and hurt myself between my legs. It really hurt bad! Mr. John asked me if I would mind taking my clothes off so he could look. Maybe you’re thinking I really didn’t hurt myself, and just wanted his attention. You might be right! I guess you all know me too well!

He kissed all over me asking with every new kiss and lick, if it hurts.  I always said it did because I was ready for a naughty massage from him. I texted daddy to let him know what was going on. Daddy asked if I could put on my phone discreetly so he could watch. Daddy LOVES to watch!

Before long Mr. John was very hard, and my pussy was very wet and slippery. “Fuck me please, Mr. John”, I begged. It didn’t take much before his big, thick cock was dripping with pre-cum, and in my tight, little teen pussy.

Love, Tiny K


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