Easter Parties


It is almost Easter Sunday and we always have a huge after church party at my house. Sometimes I think we have the busiest home in our town. People are always coming and going. I love when people come over because my parents are way to busy to notice what I am doing.The girls look so pretty and the men so handsome in their Sunday clothes. It all makes a little thing like me super horny.

Last year was the most fun ever. I went to the downstairs den to get some munchies and what did I see? Omg, I had no idea! My brother was with his girlfriend and they were fucking! Dennis is really hot. I mean he is my phone sex brother but how did I miss how hot he was and what a big dick he had? He saw me watching and fingering my hot, little pussy. He winked at me. I winked back, but then ran upstairs. I would have loved to join him and make it a threesome but a girl sometimes needs to be a little tiny tease. It is way more fun that way. 

Please be my fantasy brother so I can role play what happens. You know, get a little practice in. Wink, wink!



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