Panty Boy

I went out with a guy recently and things got hot and heavy pretty quick. We were getting undressed when I couldn’t help but notice the lack of a bulge in his boxers. He pulled them down and I was shocked at what I saw. A tiny little useless cock. Now, I’m no size queen but there was no way I was going to get any kind of pleasure from that thing. He was begging me to put it inside, but I just couldn’t stop laughing at him. I told him I had a better idea and if he was a good boy, I would let him cum with me. He agreed and his eyes got big and round when he saw the pretty panties I laid out for him. Despite how tiny he was, it was still rock hard and I could tell he wanted a release. He slipped the panties on (which housed his petite package a lot better). I rubbed his little dick through the silk and he came in 3 strokes. He was embarrassed, but I was excited. The possibilities are endless with a good panty boy!

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