The Big Bad Wolf

Christmas is just 22 sleeps away! I have asked Santa for so many things, but if he could only make my naughty fantasy cum true, I would be such a happy girl. 

Growing up I had two favorite books. One was Beauty and the Beast, and the other was Little Red Riding Hood.

I love the idea of being lost in the woods and getting really cold. I try to find shelter and something to eat. I come upon a log cabin and I can smell food. I let myself in and it looks like I am all alone. I eat some of the warm stew and then I fall asleep.

  I wake up to a loud, deep, and sexy voice. I am half asleep and the lack of light is playing tricks with my eyes. It looks like a man with a wolf head. Can this be? Did I fall into one of my fantasies, or did Santa really get me my wish? He stares at me intently as he talks about my perfect hips. I wonder what he means by that? He tells me I will need to pay him back. I explain I have no money, and I don’t even remember how I got here.

Now he is sniffing me. I find myself getting so wet and excited. He sniffs me more and tells me what he wants from me. I will live with him forever, he will use me to have many pups. That is what he calls the babies we will have. I love fantasy calls. Want to make this naughty girls Christmas wishes come true? Let’s have a super hot fantasy call!

Happy Holidays, Love Piper


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