Bless Me Father For I have Sinned


         My closest married friend has the cutest son. He loves hanging out with me. We listen to music, dance together, and he tells me about all his secrets he won’t share with his mom. He also comes to me for advise about girls.

Last night he came over as he needed some advise. I was already feeling no pain, and I offered him a few party favors. The more he talked, the more I just wanted to fuck the shit out of him. He told me that sometimes girls tell him he is just way too big. Of course, me being me, I suggested he show me so I can tell him if they’re right. Can a male ever be too fucking big? Not hardly!

     Well Father, I make this confession to you not because I feel I was wrong, but because I want to do it again and again. I also can’t tell her so I am telling you. I also want to fuck her and her son at the same time. The things I want to do to them both would even give a Priest a boner. I wonder if I have given you on, Father? I also wonder if that boner you’re now sporting is for me, her or her adorable well hung son?

     I will think of you, Father while I am fucking both of them. Will you be thinking of us while you’re wanking off in the Confessional?


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