Office Slut

My boss was holding a meeting. He had buzzed me into the office to take some notes after he had introduced me to everyone, he pulled me close to him and started to unbutton my blouse exposing my breasts. He leaned forward and started to suckle on them in front of all these men. He playfully slapped my ass and pushed me towards the man on his right. My boss and I have a very strong sexual chemistry between us. This time he wanted me to please all his clients. After reaching the 3rd man my pussy was dripping, my nipples were swollen. I looked around the room and every man had a raging hard on. My boss cleared a spot for me on the conference table where he helped me up I knew what was expected of me. I laid down on my back with my knees bent, legs wide open with my soaking wet pussy exposed. I felt the first cock cum in me. I knew this was just the start, my pussy was twitching for more. I was ready for all these cocks to stuff all my holes.



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