Boys Will be Boys

       I love riding my bike at night teasing all the boys. There is one I really like that works at the farm near me. I was hoping he would come out and talk to me before I had to go home. He finally did and I was so excited to see him. He asked me if I wanted to hang out in the barn with him. Of course I did!

When we got to the barn, I saw 4 of his friends there. I was so disappointed because I thought we would kiss and stuff. Instead all the boys surrounded me and took off all my clothes. I tried to scream, I really did but the oldest boy pushed his cock into my mouth. After feeling their hands, mouth and cocks all over me they were finished. Now, to make it to my bedroom before daddy sees the mess I am in.

He called my name, but I kept going up the stairs. Before I could change and clean up, daddy was in my room. He wanted to know why my makeup was a mess, why my clothes had stains on them, and why there was hand marks on my thighs. I told daddy what happened and he didn’t seem mad at all. Phone sex daddy told me that boys will be boys. Whew! I am not in any trouble and told daddy I was ready to take my shower.

Daddy grabbed my hand and stopped me. He had that look in his eyes like the boys did. I wonder what daddy wants? 



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