Daddy’s Little Accomplice

             Daddy promised me a trip some place warm if I was a good girl and introduced him to some of my friends. Of course I delivered, and that made phone sex daddy super happy. He was so happy that he handed me his credit card and told me to pick out just where I wanted to go. Warm with lots of sun and white sand.

I packed my bag and off we went.  It was a very long plane ride but daddy and I kept busy talking about all the fun we will have. In no time we were landing.

Our hotel was amazing!  On the balcony, I could see the beach and all the cute girls like me. Daddy said I should try and get their attention. Well I know how to get a man’s attention, but these were girls. I still thought maybe do the same? I stripped off my bikini while standing on the balcony. I yelled, “the party is in room 23”. A few of the girls were with their daddy’s and a few of the couples came by to join us. 

Daddy gave the men special refreshments and I could hear them laughing and looking our way. I took the girls into the bedroom for some drinks and to get comfy. I texted daddy and all the men joined us in the room. I love being daddy’s little accomplice.


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