Sundays Are For Sinning

Do you know what? I really love going to church on Sunday. All the men and women dressed up and pretending to be so good and pure. It’s a playground for cute little things like me. Daddy always tells me to dress like an innocent little girl in white and lace. If they only knew the truth.

  Last Sunday daddy invited several of the congregation to join us for Sunday Brunch. Seems so innocent, doesn’t it? When daddy and I are involved, nothing is ever innocent. Daddy put something special in the tea and coffee. 

The women were all on the patio chatting and enjoying the sun and warmer weather.The men were downstairs doing men things. Giggles. I went down with a tray of coffee and dessert. I noticed the men were leering at me in the dirtiest of ways. Let the nasty fun begin!

Daddy put on a special movie that him and I made together. My phone sex daddy has the biggest cock! Once the men were getting the idea of it all, I began sitting on their laps. Daddy encouraged them to touch me any way they wanted. I love having big, strong man hands all over my tiny body. Soon it was a sexy gang bang. So many cocks for me!

When the men were to busy to notice, daddy turned on the camera. It wouldn’t be a Sunday without daddy and Katie making a naughty movie.


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