A Surprise For Daddy

I always masturbate with my favorite dildo before I go to bed. I try very hard to be quiet but sometimes it’s so hard to hold back my moans.

The only light in my bedroom is from the hallway. I’ve been seeing some shadows lately, and I know it’s my daddy because I can see his glasses. At first, he peeked in my room for just a few minutes, but now he’s been watching through the crack of my door until I orgasm.

¬† I wanted to give daddy a big surprise while he watched me. Daddy doesn’t know but I’ve been fucking my older brother. He has been away at college, but since he’s only 30 minutes away, we get together a lot on the weekends.

I planned everything out and got my brother in the house while daddy was in the shower. Just about the time daddy looked in my bedroom, I was riding my brothers cock. I saw my daddy’s shadow on the wall, and looked back and smiled at him. I starting fucking his cock harder. I looked back again and daddy’s boxer shorts were around his ankles and his hand was around his cock!

I think daddy really enjoyed the show. Maybe next time we can make it a threesome.



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