Teasing Hanna

You love being teased by a hot slut like me, don’t you? I’ve seen the way you look at me when I walk by. You’re a pervert who tries to get a peak under girl’s skirts hoping you find one not wearing panties. I might just let you get a peak, but maybe I won’t.

I’m seductive, and love teasing and denying weak men like you. You’ll follow me around like a lost puppy begging for my attention. I will tease your cock like no one else can, and I’ll love every minute of it. It’s also my choice if you get to cum or not. If I think you deserve it, you’ll get to cum, but if you don’t, your orgasm will be denied.

If you think you can handle a hot phone sex session with me, call me. I’m always ready to tease.


HannaWritten By: Horny Hanna
Call Hanna @ 1-866-557-0489
Email- heartbreakhanna@yahoo.com


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