Teasing Babysitter Britt

You know what I like about you? The way you never ever say no to me.  You try, you honestly do.  Ever since the first time I allowed you to watch me masturbate in front of you, I have had you wrapped around my little finger.

We have moved onto other things, haven’t we? How you call me to come over to watch the kids every time your wife works late. Then it always ends the same way, you stripped down to nothing, jacking off in front of me, while I press my pretty little pussy down on your face so hard you can’t take a single breath.

Sometimes you offer me more money, you pull out that cash so fast as I giggle and say, “Maybe.” You offer it all to me, until your wallet is as dry as your wife’s old cunt.

I give you hope, don’t I?  You hope that this time instead of me smoothing your face with my perfect ass, you will actually get to put that cock of yours inside me. Maybe next time. Maybe…




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