Seductive Bedroom Eyes

They say the eyes are the opening to your soul, and with my eyes….your pants as well! Any guy who looks into my eyes, they’re lured in for the taking. I can get any guy I want, and do whatever I want to them.

If Daddy says no, all I have to do is bat my pretty little eyes and I get anything I want. I climb up onto Daddy’s lap, and put my arms around him and give me a long stare with a big smile on my face. It doesn’t take long and he gives me a handful of cash and his Amex black card.

My teacher is also hypnotized by my eyes. All I have to do when I get a bad grade is stay after class so I can talk to him alone. I sit my butt on his desk and look down at him while he’s sitting in his chair. He takes a little more convincing. That’s when I get on my knees and unzip his pants. I look up at him and take his raging hard cock into my mouth. I seductively look at him the entire time I am pumping my lips up and down his shaft. Soon, I have a mouthful of warm jizz and an A on my paper.

 Look at my picture, call me, and soon you will be powerless. My seductive bedroom eyes will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do.



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