Neighbor Man

It’s so dreary and rainy today. I wonder if my neighbor would like to cuddle in bed like we do sometimes. Nothing makes a dreary day brighter than cuddles.

I get dressed and walk to his house. I knock, but no one answers. I knock a few more times and call out his name. Still no answer.

I walk around the house and look in his bedroom window. What? He is cuddling with another girl. I watch for a bit and they’re cuddling just like we do. She is all excited and bouncing off his bed. Just like I do.

I can’t have that, I thought he was mine. I use the spare key under his planter. I let myself in. He sees me, then he winks and goes back to his special cuddles.  I am so mad, but wet from wanting his cuddles.

He looks at me again and motions for me to join them. He tells me to put my face right next to his and he shows me how to lick a pussy. Giggles. I already know, but I pretend to be innocent. She tastes so warm and yummy. He has me lay on her, and while we grind our pussy’s together, he starts to lick my ass.

Oh, that feels so good. Now he is sliding his cock in from behind. I tell him not to cum in me because it’s that time of the month.  He isn’t listening to me, but instead he fucks me harder. He sort of grunts and empties all his cum into my fertile pussy. Oh no, I sure hope he didn’t knock me up.



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