Your Mom’s Best Friend Seduces You

I am your Mom’s best friend. She volunteers you to mow my lawn this summer. At first, you are mad. You would rather play ball with the guys and check out the girls at the lake. You admire their curves, but you are too shy to approach girls. You never know what to say to pretty girls.

You are extremely nervous around me. I am always wearing clothing that accentuates my big tits. You have a hard time keeping your eyes off of them. You have even dreamed about me.

This afternoon, you are mowing my lawn for the first time. When you are done mowing, I offer you a cold bottle of water and invite you inside. I take you straight up to my bedroom where I seduce you, strip you naked, and make a man out of you. I teach you the secrets on how to pleasure a woman’s body, and how to feel confident around pretty girls. In return, I give you mind-blowing, exciting sex. I do things to your body that you thought only happened in porn, but I make it even better, more intimate, and passionate.

You will always look back at the summer of 2021 as the hottest summer of your life!


Written By: AvaAva
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