Fresh Meat

             Sometimes I am asked to be an accomplice by my daddy. I can tell when he wants to hunt, because he always lays out some cute and sexy clothes for me.

After church on Sunday, we went to meet the others at a big park. It was a beautiful day and most of the congregation was there. Daddy had something special in mind for us.  He wanted to see me seduce Reverend Scott. He is very handsome and all the single women crave him. Giggles, I can see why! 

                 I wore one of my cutest dresses with no panties. Every time he looked my way, I would spread my soft legs. I did all my phone sex daddy taught me to seduce a man. I sucked on my thumb, I licked my lips, and even played with my sweet pussy when he looked my way. Finally, I walked up to him and invited him to come over for lunch with me and daddy.

When he arrived, I gave him and big hug. He is so big and strong!  I gave him a big glass of ice cold sparkling water, and he gulped it down. Oh no!! The Reverend is getting a bit dizzy. I must help him to my bed. I slowly undress him as he falls asleep.

Now he is waking up next to me in bed. He is confused. He wonders if we had sex. I lead him downstairs to the play room where daddy is starting a special movie staring Reverend Scott. 


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