Do What You Are Told

               Crawl to me lover. Look up at me, my obedient fuck toy.  I hold your face in my hands and tell you all the sexy, filthy, deviant, and delicious things I want to do to you.

I wrap my hand around your cock and lead you to my big bed. I bite your lip and pull it out with my teeth. I hover above you where you feel the heat off my curvy body. I kiss you long, hot, and slow. Your cock is touching my clit, but not yet. We have the whole night ahead of us.

       I rub your pre-cum on my nipples for you to suck off. So obedient. I mix it with my pussy juices and you hungerly suck it off my nipples. Now, I rub it all over my sexy lady cock and feed it to you. You belong to me.

You lift up your tone legs, showing me your sexy ass. I kiss, nibble, and bite your ass cheeks. I spit on your pucker, lick it, and slowly slide my tongue in. You beg for me to fuck you. Not yet.

I slide my body up yours and sit on your face. I lean forward to reach your balls and lick, suck, tug, twist, and bite them. Pre-cum is gushing out and I rub it all over my lips and kiss you. 

I need to pound you. You wrap your hand around my lady cock and guide it into your tight asshole. I demand you show me how much you want it, by moving back and forth. Grind on me!


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