Daddy Caught Me!

It’s kind of funny. My Dad won’t let me have boys in my room, but he never expressed any concern about me having girls in my room. Kind of dumb on his part. I can have some really naughty fun with my girlfriends too.

Well, tonight Daddy walks in and catches me going down on my best girlfriend’s wet pussy. My tongue is deep inside of her and my fingers are rubbing her nipples. I love her big tits, and her sexy, naked body.

He screams at me, “Kimmie, for heaven’s sake! What are you doing? “

I look up at him and say, “Nothing, Daddy.”

Oh well, looks like I am going to be grounded for the rest of summer break, and no more girls in my room. Good thing I still have my phone so we can have lots of phone sex!



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