Marry Me

You have more than any man should. You are rich as fuck. You have numerous cars, homes, and a wardrobe of designer clothes. Yet, you are missing something in your life. The hot models are great for work parties and dinners, but you could care less about then. You can’t find what you need at a legitimate escort service, but you are afraid to find it in another country.  Even your expensive lawyers couldn’t help you out of that mess.

That is why you need me. 

What a perfect solution for your twisted needs. Marry me, and then I can’t be forced to testify if it ever came down to it. It won’t though with me helping you with your deviant needs. Think of all the fun we could have? I get to spend all your money and do as I please. You get the tiny little creatures you so desire. 

          Think of the never ending supply you would have. You are salivating at the thought of those flat little chests in pig tails. You worry that what if you get to rough, or worse yet, someone might recognize you.  I have people for disposal as well. So you see, marrying me is the perfect solution.


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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