I’ve Got You Under My Skin


 When I crave a man, he has to be something fucking special. When I fall, I fall hard. 

I met a musician at my last show, and I have decided he is mine to keep. Tall, rough, hot, rich with ink and piercings. What’s not to desire?

It was fun for awhile. We met in dark alleys, in abandoned houses, bathrooms, and cemeteries. I eventually do get bored, and you get possessive. I tried to end it but he won’t go away. What do I do? 

He invite me to his home. FUCK ME!! Now he’s getting domestic on me. He cooks me dinner and there is no booze or party favors. I give him one last fuck, because he is amazing in bed.  He begins talking about babies. Wait, what? He told me he was snipped. We’re so fucking finished.

I just leave.

          I get to thinking that even though I no longer want his dick, no one else can either. There’s only one solution.

I invite him over for drinks and such. He is super relaxed now. I come behind him and stick a needle in his neck. He quickly passes out. I remove his cock and balls quickly. I sew him up so he doesn’t bleed out. I take his blood, bring it to my tattoo artist and he uses it as ink.  See how romantic I really am? A part of him will be with me forever. 


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