I Love Daddies

     My boyfriend texted me to come over. He said to hurry. I know what that means. It means his mom and dad are gone, and we have the whole house to ourselves. 

I run over and his dad answers the door. Oh no!! I guess he came home unexpected.  He tells me Jarod isn’t home and he has no idea when he will be back. That kind of hurt my feelings and it might be time for a new boyfriend. 

His dad invites me in and offers me a drink. Something sure smells good. He invites me for dinner. He is nice and I’m hungry, so why not?

   He offers me some wine and I happily drink it. He keeps giving me more and more wine. I’m feeling so sleepy, so I ask him if I can go lay down in his bed. I’m trying not to let him hear my giggles. I tricked him and I never drank any of the wine. I just wanted an excuse to go lay in his big bed. He has such a sexy man smell. He lays down next to me and what happened next you wouldn’t even believe!

He tells me he has always had a thing for me. Then he begins asking some strange questions about my period. I know exactly where this is going. He wants to give me all his baby batter. I am so good, I tricked him. He thinks knocking me up is all his idea. Think again, Mr. H!



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