Mother/Daughter Bonding Time

When my dad was at work, mom and I would go into their bedroom. She undresses and begins to give the real scoop on what a woman’s body was meant to do. I’m not a lesbian, but my mom is hot! She’s over forty and has perfect breasts and a fine looking pussy with just a strip of soft black pussy hair.

My mom spreads her legs and reveals her hard clit. She begins to rub it and explained how good masturbation feels and how she does it almost daily. I could hear how wet her mature pussy was as she rubbed faster and harder. Then she closes her eyes, her pussy contracted and she moaned as she climaxed.

Mom explained that her only rule with me was that I was not to have sex until I was 18. I had the feeling it was my turn so I undressed and laid down next to her. She helped me part my pussy lips and encouraged me to explore. To help get me in the mood, she turned on porn and we watched together.

I’m not sure if it was the porn, watching my mom cum, or me rubbing my little clit, I think it was all three, because I could feel my pussy getting wet, and my tiny little clit felt huge and hard.

She held me close as I watched the guy in the porno fuck the slut in the movie. I imagined he was fucking me and I rubbed faster. I told her I felt like I had to pee, but she said that was normal and to let whatever happens, happen. I saw the guy in the video pull out his cock, jack off his load and it happened. I climaxed and I never wanted the feeling to stop.
I’m grown up now and my mom and I still get together for some mother/daughter time in the bedroom. She loves to hear about who I fucked, how we came and when. I love to just watch her rub her hard clit and see her pussy contract when she climaxes to my stories.

I have no taboos, I love real naughty fucks and pushing the limits when it comes to my climax and yours.



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