Motherly Love

I’m an older woman who is very experienced when it comes to taking care of my boys and their many special needs, all of which Mommy is more than happy to meet. After all, Mommy knows what’s best for you, now don’t I?

I can still remember when you were a baby and how much you loved to suck on these big titties of mine. Perfect for titty fucking too, don’t you think?

Come on over here so Mommy can see you. Uh oh, looks as though I might have gotten you a little too excited! Just look at that hard bulge in your pants! We can’t let Daddy see you like this. Mommy is going to help you fix it, but on one condition; you must promise to keep this between us, it will be our little secret.

Everyone needs some motherly love, and I’m here to give it to you. Whether you need a loving Mommy to hold you tight and give you some much needed TLC, or a stern Mommy to bend you over her knee and spank your bare ass, I am the Mommy for you. Call me, it’s playtime!


Written By: Vivian
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