Grandma Angie

I know dear, I’m hotter then any Grandma you’ve ever seen.  But that’s why I’m your Granny, isn’t it little one?  You love to lay your sweet head in between my massive tits and feel yourself get younger and younger, slipping back and shedding away the years.

Remember when you were younger and stayed with me during the summer months? I used to bathe you, clothe you, feed you, and hold you all night when you had bad dreams?  I still can, darling! I’d love to have you right here in my bed.  

Come lick and suck my sweet nipples, explore my body and let Grandma Angie be the first one to show you all those naughty things girls and boys do. You know I adore and love you so very much. 

I’m due for a visit to your house. I have the perfect idea! When everyone is sleeping, I’ll creep into your room and touch you in all those places that feel so good, you’ll love every sweet minute of it. See you soon, baby!


Written By: Miss Angie
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