Take Me Like You Mean It

              Wouldn’t you just die to have these soft, round, perfect tits wrapped around your cock?  A perfect soft pocket that will have you completely addicted to them. 

Imagine me slowly dripping saliva in my cleavage as you glide your cock back and forth. I feel your pre-cum start to drip, coating and warming my cleavage. I know I love it just as much as you do.

No shooting that load yet! My creamy, wet pussy need attention too. Let me climb up on your lap and feed you my hard, aching nipples. It feels so fucking good. Bite them, suck them and maybe you will get a milky surprise from them. Do you know my hard nipples are direct link to my clit? Let’s see if you can make me cum by just sucking on them.

Now lover, I need my pussy filled. Toss me on the bed, raise my long shapely legs, and fuck me like you mean it.


TiffanyWritten By: Tiffany
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