A True Panty Boy at Heart

Your wife left for work again and you can’t help yourself! You go straight to her panty drawer and put on a silky pair of her panties. She’s questioned you about some missing pairs but she just thinks they go where all the disappearing socks go. She would never think her husband was a panty slut. You’re all man and you have a pretty good size cock but I know that you’re a true panty boy at heart.

You love prancing around the house in her panties and enjoy putting on her stockings and garter belts. It feels so good against your skin, doesn’t it?

I know you secretly desire to become a true panty slut and I am the one who can help you. It will be our little secret. We know when the wifey is away, the sissy femme likes to play!

Go put on your favorite pair and call me!

Phone Sex Lexi


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