Not Your Typical Therapist

I am far from your typical therapist. We spend hours upon hours discussing your issues. You never really get any better do you? Of course not.  Although, I sit there week after week, listening, taking notes, paying careful attention, I never really help you reach your goal.

As a matter of fact, I begin; slowly at first; to take the information you have provided me with over our course of time together, and use it to my advantage.

I capture you, ensnare you, captivate you, until you have no choice but to do as I say.  Do as I want. Do as I desire. I control you. The funny thing is, you could stop coming to see me. It would be that easy, or would it? That ache would set in, the need to see me, to be near me, hear my voice, and dare I say it? Submit to me. You know you can find no release from your ‘inner demons’ unless I allow you to.  Somewhat of a catch 22, wouldn’t you say?

From glancing at the clock, I see it’s time for your appointment to begin. Do not try to fight it, I know you cannot resist, so many have tried before you, and just like them, you will fail at resisting the temptation as well.

Your Therapist, Valerie



Written By: Valerie
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