Something Sticky In My Hand

I know, I am a very bad girl for tricking you.  Can you blame me? I mean you were looking so sexy mowing your lawn with your shirt off. I think the show was just for little me. See what you did, though? 

Now, I want to play. I cross the street and give you an ice cold water. I bet you are thirsty!  Of course, I didn’t put anything like Viagra in your water. That would just be wrong, especially with your wife gone for a few days.

You now seem to have a big ole problem. Maybe I can help?

I get you just where I want you. I am riding you bareback and I don’t think you will be able to pull me off. Your big dick feels so good in my fertile little teen pussy. Wait! What are you doing? No, don’t pull out! Why are you grabbing my hand.  OH NO! This isn’t what I planned.



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