Your Mother Is A Whore

            Oh, so you were expecting a fancy 5 star hotel and not an abandoned crack house? It sort of sucks to be that fucking dumb. The way I have it planned, they’ll never trace it back to us. You paid me for a service and I plan on doing it right. 

When you bring her to me she is passed out. Time for me to get to work. I strip her out of  her clothes and dress her in crotch-less red panties. I apply red lipstick to her mouth and nipples. She looks just like a 1970’s street whore who has had a very long night.

She begins to come out of her drug induced sleep as I hit her with another shot. She is fully awake, but a bit confused. In her state she believes she made dates with all the men waiting at the crack house door. I convince her she asked to have it all recorded so she can watch it later. What a dumb fucking cunt she is. 

The men were promised they could run a train on her for 5.00 a person. I put her legs over her head and attach a leg spreader to keep them apart. Now that ugly mouth. I knock out all her teeth and place in a mouth spreader. She looks fucking hysterical!

    I admit. I’m getting a little bored by the whole thing. I invite several more men friends and when they’re finally done, we leave the door open for any stragglers.

IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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