Naughty Babysitter Britt


There’s a reason you keep calling me every weekend to babysit your kids. I know you love my tight jeans with my pretty little thong hanging out.

Your wife doesn’t like me, I can tell. I know she wants you to call other babysitters but you insist on having me come to your house.

When I get to your home, you always flirt with me while your wife is still getting ready. I always flirt right back with you. I ask you inappropriate questions just so I can see you blush.

When it’s time for you to leave, I know you don’t want to go. You would rather be going out with me and leaving your wife and kids at home.

I bet when you’re out, you’re thinking about me the whole time. Thinking about my tight, barely legal body and wondering what it would be like to look down and have your slutty little babysitters mouth wrapped around your married cock. Your wife is so thrilled to have a night out with her husband without the kids but all your concentration is thinking about little me.

Next time you call me to babysit, I will tell you that my car is broke down and you need to come pick me up. Before we go back to your house, I want to go on a secluded road and show you what a bad little babysitter I really am. My tight, teenage pussy is going to do things that your married cock has never experienced before.

Call me for all your naughty babysitting needs!


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