End Of Summer Fun

Summer is almost over and that makes me so sad!  I love summer so much. All the hotties are walking around in tiny little shorts and tops. They’re open for anything! Phone sex daddy loves it when I bring home playmates for us both.

Daddy had to work last weekend so I decided to go to the beach. It was deserted which was sort of disappointing. I played in the sand and went swimming. I must have fallen asleep. The sun felt so good on my body.

I woke to see a family sitting near me. There was a daddy and 2 girls. We played together for awhile having an awesome time. The daddy was so hot!! The girls were just a little younger than me. What fun!  I texted daddy and asked him if I could invite my new friends. Of course, he agreed. 

When we got to my house, daddy had everything prepared. A few drinks for the men and a special candy treat for the girls. This is going to be such naughty fun.

I took the girls to my bedroom and dressed them up special. We had the special candy while daddy set up the camera. The 3 of us went to basement where everything was set up. One of the girls seemed hesitant, but I slapped her hard. Then the real fun began!


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