The Spooky Season

The Spooky Season is almost here and you’re hoping that this year will be better. Last year was such a disappointment with the kids all home because of the pandemic.¬†

You’re so excited planning out the Haunted House you will have for them. You’re already jerking it while you think about all the sexy costumes. Fairies, nurses, Disney Princess, and little vampires. You’re busting with excitement.

I have taught you well, and you’ve procured an old abandoned home. You’ve taken many precautions to avoid any neighbors and hide yourself away as you prepare. If things go as planned, you’ll have a houseful to play with. If things go perfect, you’ll have to destroy all the evidence including the house.

I carefully check your to-do list. Edibles to pass out as typical candy, spiked punch, restraints, candles, floggers, nipple clamps, and some very sharp implements. Looks perfect!

Check with me after Halloween to see just how our little party went!



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