Halloween is when the evil comes out to play!

                    Come on, follow me! You know you fucking want to.

You’re late on your route and it’s 10 pm by the time you deliver my package. You can’t take your eyes off of me. You’re even thinking you are imaging me. It’s been a long week for you.

I invite you in and offer you a drink. Just a bottle of water is all you want. I give you your water, and a little something more. You feel a little dizzy, but excited. You have no idea what’s happening to you. Where did all the young, adorable dancing girls come from? 

As quickly as they appeared, they’re gone. I look into your eyes and ask you why you are here? You look so confused. I hand you something that looks like a contract.

The girls are back again, but this time nude. You feel like you’re losing your mind. They hiss at you to sign it, and  tell you then the real fun will begin.

You’re helpless now.

You follow us up the long staircase. Fuck, you would follow us anywhere. 

You see that you aren’t our only victim. You notice the adorable little girls aren’t exactly girls. You have never sucked a cock before. They’re walking towards you. Their cocks are so big for such tiny girl bodies. You can’t help yourself, you reach out for the flat chested little blonde. You’re shaking, you can’t, but you have too!

                         Halloween is when the evil comes out to play!


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