Katie’s Sexy Halloween Dream

                How is a girl supposed to sleep with Halloween on Sunday?  I am so excited for this year because my parents are out of town all weekend. My friends and I have the best plans and they begin on Saturday! You can imagine why it is so hard to sleep. Maybe if I play with my little pussy and cum super hard I will be able to sleep. I love touching my tiny, tight little body. It feels so good.

Now what is going on? I hear all these party noises downstairs, but I am the only one home. I should be scared but my daddy always said I was fearless. I grab Teddy for protection and look over the balcony. Who are these people?

They’re all in the coolest Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen.  They’re dancing, laughing and they seem to really be into kissing people’s necks. Well this is pretty odd, but so exciting.  Just watching them is making my pussy wet again. Maybe if I just finger my soft, wet pussy again, I will get sleepy.  I mean, I know this is all a silly dream. There really aren’t monster’s in my house.

Hot breath on my soft neck? What… I mean who is behind me? He whispers to me how soft and pretty I am. He tells me I smell so good. I should be scared, but he sounds so hot. He rips off my baby doll nighty and begins to lick my back.  His cold, big hand is between my legs now. If this is a dream, please don’t let me wake up!


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