Christmas Parties At Katie’s

        I can hear the Christmas festivities going on downstairs.  I was told to stay upstairs with my 2 friends till everyone arrives. I wonder what fun things he has planned for us this year. They’ve never been to our special parties, so they have no idea about the naughty fun they’re in for.

Santa will be skipping our house this year since we have been oh so very naughty! I go through my closet to help them with an outfit for the night.  Phone Sex Daddy is always very specific on what he wants us all to wear. We drink some rum and cokes with a special little treat added to help us all relax. 

   We are having our own fun upstairs, as we all get ready for the party. My friends are relaxed now, and daddy texts for us to come downstairs. My friends seem a bit confused when they notice we’re the only girls at the party. I explain that the wives stay at home so the men can have more fun.  I tell them a huge lie, and that we are there just to wait on the men. Well, I guess it wasn’t completely a lie!


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