Not A Creature Was Stirring

        Halloween has come and gone and now it’s time for the boring holidays. We know how to make the best of those boring times, don’t we? Think of it this way; the sexy little Halloween costumes can now be little Snow Angels. How cute they are in their little Christmas dresses. White stockings, white patent Maryjane’s, and adorable little Disney Princess panties. It’s all there with a little fucking imagination. You do have one, don’t you?

Imagine that you’re so excited for Christmas that you can’t sleep? Your little one has a friend over for a sleepover. That is the real reason you can’t sleep. They’re giggling in the living room. The girls are by the tree, shaking the presents. They’re chatting about what could be in the pretty wrapped boxes. You have a surprise for them, don’t you? 

You finally let them know you’re watching with it out. Your big hand is around your cock and you’re stroking it.  You ask them if they want to see something really special. Their big eyes light up at the thought of a special Christmas surprise. You knell in front of them. They’re like little Goddesses. They’re watching as you stoke it. You try to hold back to make it last, but watching the two tiny Goddesses, you can’t control yourself. 


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