It’s Almost Fucking Christmas

              Here we go again, it’s almost fucking Christmas. If I had my way, I would stay home till it was all over. Scary Christmas movies, fucking, getting tipsy, fucking, and well you get the fucking picture.  Unfortunately, I have tons of obligations, gifts, and visits. Spending time with family can be tough. There is a reason you only see them once a year. 

                    How about we have some nasty fun before that? I know what’s on your mind, you perv. You’ll be seeing your hot mother in law, sexy nieces, and all the men you would love to call daddy. Can’t have you running around with a huge hard-on, or tiny worthless thing, whatever your case might be.  

My only restriction is that I don’t do vanilla. Don’t even fucking try. With me you can be as filthy, twisted, deviant, and just plain sick as you want. I fucking encourage it. 

Oh yeah, did I forget? Happy Fucking Holidays. 


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