Teasing The Contractors

All of my friends complain that they have such a difficult time with contractors to meet deadlines when it comes to projects. I never have that problem.

I just had my kitchen remodeled and it’s beautiful! The guys did a great job. The guys working on my kitchen seemed so eager to please me. The hot young contractors seemed to truly enjoy working and really love their work. They were at my house bright and early every morning.

Maybe they were so eager to arrive at my house each morning because of the incident that occurred on the first day. I had heard horror stories from my friends, so I naturally expected the guys to be running late. After all, it was just the first day.

I was in my bed, on a phone sex call, naked and fingering myself when they arrived. I must have been cumming when they knocked because I didn’t hear them walk into the house.

After I finished my call, I walked into my kitchen naked as they were getting organized. The guys smiled and nodded.  I smiled back. I walked over to the fridge to grab my bottle of water and an apple. I took a big bite of the apple and told the guys to make themselves at home.

I stood there naked and told them to be sure to let me know if there is anything that they needed from me and walked back upstairs to start me day. I know they were all staring at my big round ass as I walked out of the room. I am such a cock tease!


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