Keeping Ava’s Secrets


You bought your first house recently and moved in next door. We exchange friendly greetings when we see each other out in the yard.

One afternoon, my computer screen goes all black and freezes up. I am stuck!  I need my computer. I notice your car in your driveway next door. I call over to your house and ask if you could help me. You’re working at home today, but could use a little break. It’s always good to get in “good” with the neighbors.

I answer the door in a super tight top and sexy pair of jeans. I take you into the family room where I have my computer. Within ten minutes, you have my computer back up and running. As you’re cleaning out my computer and running diagnostics, you notice the old family photos of trips to the lake on my computer.

Then you see something you were not expecting. You see very, very sexy photos of me and your cock starts to stir. So many of them! I look over your shoulder. I see you staring at my naked picture. I promise you ANYTHING if you don’t tell anyone about these photos.

You take me up on my offer.  You bend me over my sofa and take me! You fuck your naughty older neighbor good and hard. You know that I will do ANYTHING for you to keep my secrets.


Written By: AvaAva
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