A Day At The Park


 Today was a perfect day to hang out in the park after school. The sun was out and we had a warm-up to the 60’s.

The older boys smoke weed and drink at the park after school. There was a group of 5 boys that looked like high school age. They all were super cute. They noticed me, but tried to be cool. I am brave, so I walked up to them. I asked if I could smoke and drink a little with them. They looked around and then invited me to walk down by the lake with them. 

We were having such a good time. Laughing, drinking and listening to music. They talked me into dancing for them. I was a little dizzy from the drinks so when I spun around, I fell down. The boys were laughing, but it all got serous pretty fast. 

Next thing I knew, the boys were all over me. Pulling off my white cotton panties. I pretending to be scared, but I wasn’t. My pussy was so wet. The thought of 5 older boys was so hot.

I had a cock in every one of my holes. One was yelling for them to make me airtight. Oh, I heard that in one of my dad’s porn movies. I wasn’t really sure what it meant, till today. 

When we were done, the boys all left except for one. He seemed to be the oldest, but never touched me. He seemed so sweet. I invited him home to meet my daddy. Then things really got naughty!


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