You Are What You Eat

  Hey shit face! I know exactly what you have been doing in my bathroom. At first, I thought you were just smelling my dirty panty’s from the hamper. Maybe doing some snooping in my walk-in closet. That wasn’t it at all. Now, was it?

Did you forget to lock the door? I saw you on the bathroom floor just cleaning my toilet with your tongue. Just what the fuck is wrong with you, loser?

I say this because you could have been getting your chocolate treats directly from the source. Now I know, so no need to hide it any longer. 

Get on your knees shit face! Put your head all the way back, making me the perfect toilet seat. Bury that tongue in my sweet ass. If you keep it in long enough and if you are very lucky , you just might get to smell my sweet perfume farts. 

Go deeper, till you can pull out some of my delightful not ready yet shit. Chew on those perfect brown grapes, savor them.

Thirsty? Time for my hot, tangy piss.  Eat and drink up, bitch.


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