In Need Of A New Daddy

        Phone sex daddy promised he would be home early tonight. I waited and waited for him, but he never came home. I get lonely at night when tucked all comfy in my bed. Sometimes a tiny girl just needs her daddy, or a substitute. I guess the only thing to do now is look for a new daddy.

             I turned on my tablet and began playing in chat rooms. Surely, I could find a new daddy there. This was so exciting! There were so many men that were willing to be my new daddy.

One really got my attention. He was so handsome. Then he said something that was rather confusing to me. All I could say to him was “You want to do what with me?”  I feel very confused now, because I don’t really think it would fit there. Even in my confusion, I felt my pussy getting so wet. 

I bet you ‘re now wondering what the hell he wanted to do with me? It’s getting you excited too?  Call me and you can be my daddy!


KatieWritten By: Katie
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